Tuesday, November 1, 2016

First this, then the other

I know, I know - we're all saying it to ourselves if not to the lady at the shop or the man at the post office.

I can't believe it's November! Where has the time gone! It'll be Christmas before you know it!

Chirk Castle

With all this time flying by at supersonic speeds, I thought it was time to update my profile pic. The old one was at least three years old.

summer in Eugene, Oregon - 2013

How things have changed in three years - different glasses, different hair, different home.

autumn in Wales - 2016

Now I'm going to bombard you with pretty photos because, one, it's been an amazing autumn here in the UK and everything is BEAUTIFUL!

And two, yes, I do live in a faerie tale land.

Chirk Castle

Stokesay Castle

Lake Vyrnwy straining tower

Between the photos, though, are my ramblings about balance. I am a Libra, the sign of the balance, and Libras tend to tip first one way and then the other. I find that it is, in fact, true.




I go through periods of being energetic, creative and upbeat. Then I go through periods where all I want to do is sit quietly and read or watch TV.

Welshpool canal

Welshpool canal

Llanerfyl churchyard

Remember all the paper dolls I did a few weeks ago?

Yeah, that seems to have blown over. I imagine I'll get my creative magic back at some point, and I'll dive in to my crafting supplies and start flinging paper around again.


Lake Vyrnwy

Llanerfyl churchyard

Until then, I'm just enjoying this lovely autumn before the weather changes to dark winter skies and howling winds, and a different kind of magic takes hold.

Lake Vyrnwy dam



  1. As a fellow Libra, I find all that true about me as well. I tend to pick up projects, work on them madly for a time, and then move on. I think of myself as a dabbler, but it's really more of a wide pool of interest. I also am always striving for balance.

    I love your new profile pic - looking up, onwards and forward! Gorgeous pictures overall, Val!

  2. Ah, beautiful Wales, a fairy tale land, to be sure. I love seeing it through your lens. Those paper doll cards are so cute, I expect you'll have no difficulty finding buyers! jen.

  3. What beautiful photos, such a tonic for the soul!
    Love your new profile pic my friend x

  4. Gorgeous photos!

    I think most artists are like that.

    I always look towards the Canadian winter with dread, but the way you phrased it, "a new kind of magic" is quite beautiful. I need to think of that when there is a foot of snow and ice on the roads.


  5. What a gorgeous autumn you're having! I really enjoy seeing your photos - I can travel vicariously through them until I'm able to get "across the pond" in real life. I can't believe it's November either, and it was almost 20 degrees celsius here today and I was out with bare legs.

  6. Things are wet, wet, and more wet here in the PNW. {Can't really complain as I escaped to Italy.} You autumn looks glorious...the kind that poets...well...wax poetic about.

    Ah yes...I too find I cycle in and out of interests. Not a Libra but still flighty.

  7. Hmmmm, it seems true of me as well and I'm a Gemini, but then...twins...dual nature? Gorgeous gorgeous photos!

  8. Well, I am certainly happy that I was able to benefit from your paper doll making frenzy. Creativity is like a garden: rain, sunshine, BLOOM, rest. You'll be back. I love your new photo even though you don't appear to have aged one single day! Besides, how could you possible stay inside with all of this beauty right outside your door?


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