Monday, October 3, 2016

Teddy Girls

Blazer, jeans, scarf - sounds like my ideal outfit.

February 2015

Throw in some comfortable shoes and a bit of sass and I'm infatuated.

Photos of the Teddy Girls are by Ken Russell - yes, that Ken Russell - circa 1955,
and were sourced from the two websites mentioned below.

Meet the Teddy Girls. I first read about them awhile back on Messy Nessy Chic, and there's more about them on AnOther.

Who or what are Teddy Girls, I hear you ask. Well, they are the grrrl equivalent to Teddy Boys, who were British guys wearing dapper, pseudo-Edwardian clothes back in the 1950s. With a reputation for causing trouble, they instilled fear in the heart of a very young Mr. S when he saw them in his childhood days in London. (I asked him if he'd ever seen Teddy Girls, and he said he didn't really see any girls on the streets in those days. I suppose they weren't allowed out much.)


What a cool style! Dressy but rebellious. Church clothes with an edge. The girls, though, would have been kicked out of Sunday School for wearing jeans. Like they would care.

So I made my own Teddy Girl. Her name is Eleanor, but her friends call her Lee.

The paper in the background is what I used for Lee's body, which is why she has gingham on her face and leg. I like the mix of traditional and new, an English rose nurtured on nihilism in post-War London who kisses her mum goodnight, then sneaks out the window to go running through the rubble with her mates, smoking fags and snogging blokes.


I wonder where these women are today?



  1. I cannot say enough how much I love your paper dolls!!!

  2. Your doll is very cool!!! I like the Teddy boy and girl style!!x

  3. So crazy I've heard of Teddy Girls but not Teddy Boys. Ahhh I'm learning things.

  4. Although I'm pretty sure I don't fit the classic Teddy Girl description, Eleanor really makes me think of me. Maybe minus the fags and the snogging?

  5. If only being kicked out of Sunday School were so easy!! Love these Teddy Girls and I also am curious to know their futures. I wonder if it's like that documentary 50-Up or something like that where no matter their youthful rebellions, they often ended up like their parents. Gaaa!! Lee (if I am be so presumptuous) is perfect. And you are too, except you're going to need a nastier helmet. Heh.

  6. There must be interviews with these women out there somewhere. I would have loved to have been a Teddy Girl back then, but I don't know that I would have had the bravado to do it. I love your Teddy Girl paper doll.

  7. I love me a feisty girl! Teddy girls are so cute. Though I know they were considered pretty badass back in their day. Just like you I would love to know where they are now!! Gosh, Val, your paper dolls are so amazing. A little bit punk and a lot adorable. Just like you!


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