Sunday, August 28, 2016

When the World Was Flat

Anybody else remember the Flatsy dolls, circa 1970?

They came up in the comments on a recent post at Bag and a Beret - both Shelley and I mentioned being called Flatsy in our pubescence, a name that was trumpeted on TV commercials at the time thanks to the Flatsy doll and its taunting jingle: Flatsies, flatsies, they're flat and that's that - that's that!

Only a man would give them a name that's sure to torment early adolescent girls. Asshole.

I'm making more of my own flatsies - paper dolls - but I choose to call them Two-Dimensional Divas, avoiding even the shorter '2D' in case that makes anyone think of a bra size, albeit a freakish one.

Here's a Two-Dimensional Diva inspired by one of my fave television characters. Do you recognise her?

It's Elaine Benes from Seinfeld! Her wardrobe is so distinctive and I wanted to have it for myself.

Um, it's not really my size, but at least I can play with it.

This is what I started with - the 'Elaine' template I drew and the possibilities for her signature floral dress.

She really deserves an entire Elaine wardrobe, but I started with the one dress, ankle socks and loafers, blazer with big shoulders, and blue backpack. And of course, her big hair, which I made from lace.

Remember this episode of Seinfeld where Elaine sees a mannequin that looks like her? (This one has Italian subtitles - che strano.)

I hope Elaine wouldn't get upset about my paper doll.



  1. Ha ha! What fun!

    Have you watched her in Veep? She is fantastic!


    1. Haven't seen Veep yet, but now we have Netflix I need to put it on my list - thanks!

  2. I'm sure she'd be very 'flat'tered! Although I've never watched Seinfeld.
    I think Flatsy must be American, I don't remember any dolls of that name but we did have a similar thing in a child's comic titled Bunty.
    Looking forward to more outfits!

    1. Haha - flattered! Good one, Fiona, wish I'd thought of that.

  3. I used to love cutting out the paper doll in Bunty comic.
    I love your doll and her gorgeous wardrobe x

  4. Lace for hair. Genius! I suspect Elaine would be extremely flattered (heh, Fiona). This is an adorable doll! I'd like to see a size 2D bra. Hahaha. I don't know how I missed the Flatsie doll...? I must have been watching the wrong channel.

  5. Oh my gosh. One of my favorite episodes. I couldn't fall asleep one night because I couldn't remember the name of the guy that designed the mannequin. I had to get out of bed and Google it. What did we do before Google? Anyhoo. It's Ricky. "I've never seen a beautiful girl reading The Guide so far away from the television before." Then I could go back to sleep. Have you read "Seinfeldia"? I am so in love with your paper dolls. It will maybe be the first time I've ever been a "flatsy" in my post adolescent life. THANK YOU in advance!!!

    1. Haven't read Seinfeldia, but it sounds right up my alley. I'll have to look for it.

  6. God yes, I can hear the "Flatsy" jingle in my head now. I did love playing with paper dolls when I was a kid, especially making my own clothes for them. I think Elaine would like your paper doll tribute!

  7. That is adorable! You are so clever! I love how you make tiny beautiful things!!

  8. LOLOLOL...I recognized her right away Val! WELL DONE! I wanted to dress like Elaine back in the Seinfeld days...loved her long curls too!

    Hope you are doing well.


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