Friday, May 20, 2016

Things that go to new homes

I woke up the other night thinking, "What if we're making the biggest mistake of our lives moving back to Britain?"

It's the 3AM brain that's dangerous. At 7AM I was feeling okay, but I'd be lying if I said everything is rosy and shiny here. There have been meltdowns and melancholia, and it feels like we're undergoing death by a thousand very slow cuts.

We've sold one car, and we shipped out our boxes of things we can do without (I hope) for 6 to 10 weeks.

After advertising our couch and matching chair, a young woman couldn't wait to get them for her first apartment. So we're using a patio chair and the rocker that will stay here with my sister.

The TV is now on the floor because we don't have anything left to put it on! It was on this chest that my dad made in the '70s - a friend just bought that from us.

Before that the TV was briefly on a side table after another friend bought the TV stand. Now the side table holds the computer because the computer desk is in the garage for our last garage sale tomorrow.

Next week other friends will be buying all the remaining furniture and the bicycles, the computer will be erased and donated, and we'll clean the house, sign stacks of papers, and relinquish our keys and our home. It makes me very sad because I've really loved living here. I find some consolation in the thought that we leave a legacy behind - sort of like organ donation.

Besides the furniture going to new homes, our everyday dishes went to a young woman who wanted to have a matched set instead of putting up with her boyfriend's odds and ends.

A lovely artist who lives down the road bought a small vase at our last garage sale because she wants to use it in a still life painting.

Some cool contemporaries bought my two Balinese frogs - they'll give them to a friend who is a musician with a frog pond. The frogs may end up in his music studio!

Our old bedroom dresser will hold clothes for two little boys as they grow up - one is only two months old now.

And our house will be loved by two new people who moved here to be near their son. Maybe this will be their last home. I wonder where my last home will be.

After the house sale is complete, we'll take some road trips here before we fly across the pond in mid-June. Until I get a new computer in the UK I'll be depending on my 7-year-old netbook, and my camera card doesn't fit it (so old skool). I think this is a good time to say See ya later, au revoir, arrivederci. I'll share photos from Wales - you know, sheep, hills and strange road signs - as soon as we've settled in our new home!



  1. It's bittersweet to leave one's home. Safe travels, and good luck on the move. I look forward to seeing your pictures of Wales. We enjoyed visiting there when we traveled around Great Britain about fifteen years ago.

  2. This is you turning a page, exciting yet devastating at the same time.

    You are temporarily unplugged and as free as the wind! Enjoy it!

    Cannot wait to hear all about the adventure from your new home.


  3. Maybe I shouldn't have read this post late at night....yep, I consider 10:41PM late. You are so right...the 3AM brain is dangerous...even the 10:40PM brain is sketchy. I'm just feeling sad that we didn't get to draw our names in a heart in the sand on the Oregon beach. But Wales is on my bucket list...I've long wanted to see Mt yes, let's just say ciao for now. We'll see ya later. Safe travels Val! xo

  4. I guess it's only natural to be apprehensive about making such a big move, even if you have done it before.
    Glad to hear your possessions have gone to new homes and you'll have a few more quid in your pocket. Wishing you a safe journey and happy times in Wales.
    Will look forward to hearing all about it. Xx

  5. Oh Val, I'm sorry for the moving angst!!! I can't imagine moving like that, esp from warm America to cold Wales! But it will be fine, enjoy your last few weeks!!!Xx

  6. Such a poignant post makes me sad. I've moved too often, but never that far. Then again it's about 3 am)

  7. Such a poignant post makes me sad. I've moved too often, but never that far. Then again it's about 3 am)

  8. Big moves are exciting and scary at the same time. So emotional! I can't wait to hear about the next part of your journey!

  9. God speed Val. It would be difficult for me to pull up and move to another country at this point in my life. I admit your grit.

    1. "admire" not "admit" Anyhoo, it is good you are so positive about all of your treasures you have shared with friends and family.

  10. I am very familiar with the 3AM brain, and it can be very dangerous. Such big changes ahead, and so overwhelming while you are in the midst of it. Good luck with the move - wishing you safe transport of you and your belongings, and looking forward to seeing your adventures in your new home.

  11. Val, never forget you are a secret agent, and you must do what you must for the good of the world. Gaaa. Hang in there. What a whirlwind. No wonder you get 3AM brain. I'm glad you'll get some travels in before you make the leap. It is an adventure. I'm sad still that you won't be on the same continent but I shall one day make it over THERE. I must! Hugs and hugs to you. One day at a time. I look forward to your next report!!!

  12. Ah yes, the 3AM mind - a dangerous thing! So many changes, huge and small - no wonder you are feeling the strain. I am happy for you and more than a little bit envious of your grand journey to another country! We all await scenic pics and a good word from you, from the other side. xox


  13. I'm sure it will be worth it once you're settled into your new home and happy. Those middle of the night thoughts are dangerous!

  14. Good luck with everything, I'm sure it will be fab xxx

  15. Safe travels, Val!
    Drop me a line when you've settled in.
    You sister from another mother. :-D


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