Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Oxytocin Hugs

It's about two and a half weeks now until we move out of our house, and about 35 days until we fly to the UK to start our new lives. Although our house is looking very empty, there's still a lot to sell, much to do and people to see. It's getting harder to de-stress by thinking happy thoughts - or procrastinating.

So I flew to Palm Springs.

Of course, it was a pleasure trip. I'm lucky to have two very dear, longtime friends there. One has been diagnosed with cancer, and he may not be able to travel to see me in the UK. So I just had to squeeze in a visit.

I've known these guys forever. Back in the '80s and '90s, I worked with both of them at various restaurants. They got married three years ago, coincidentally right after I wrote this post, Love is Love.

We spent almost three days hanging out, talking and talking and talking, and seeing the sights.

We toured Sunnylands in Rancho Mirage, the home of the Annenbergs, where they hosted the Queen and several presidents. President Obama was there in February for the US-ASEAN summit. And yes, I was a little excited to be in the same house Barack had been in!

We went to very cool restaurants, and ate way too much. We hiked, we biked, we shopped.

I saw Alyson Walsh's book in a great display - she's in very good company here.

And when I was supposed to come home Friday evening, my plane was delayed, so I got one more night to visit and stay in their comfy guest room.

My friend Frank said that if you hug someone for more than 10 seconds, it releases oxytocin and makes you feel good. There was lots of hugging, and oxytocin was spurting through my system when I finally checked in to fly home.

Palm Springs Airport




  1. What a great little escape for you!

    I'm glad you were able to squeeze the trip in prior to leaving. Good friends are so very precious.


  2. I had been wondering how your move prep had been going. My mom loves Palm Springs, just the right amount of sun and sand.

  3. Just the right thing to do Val, glad a good time was had by all. Best of luck with the move...the weather is getting warmer!

  4. Oh Val. How great that your were able to squeeze in that trip. I have a feeling that YOUR hugs produce an extra dose of oxytocin! Isn't the air in Palm Springs something else?

  5. Well, that is good news! I will have to be extending my hugs with my friends and loved ones! So glad you got to visit with your friends, Val!

  6. What a great visit! Love the hug fact <3

  7. Even the airport looks relaxed! So cool! You have to be excited about the big move! Everything is going to be great. Enjoy the moment!

  8. I've always thought I would like to visit Palm Springs. How lovely you were able to spend some time with your friends there before you head to the UK.
    Good to know about the hugs - I will make sure mine are at least 10 seconds.

  9. What a great trip - there's a lot of love floating around in that picture! xox



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