Thursday, March 31, 2016

Scavenging through my files

It's time for Scavenger Hunt again! Thanks to Made With Love for hosting.

I was not very clever this month and could never remember even one of the prompts on the few occasions when I was out and about with my camera. So I'm trawling through my old photos to find ones that might fit the prompts. I think that still qualifies as a Scavenger Hunt, don't you? Most of these have not been blogged before.


Taken just down the road at the corner of Happy Lane and Ecstatic Acres Drive, 2015


Seattle alleyway in 2013 with random tiny person


Ice on the river behind our motel on our recent trip.

Street Art

Seattle 2014 - the file name on the jpeg was Street Art, so there you go.


Tiles used on Local Street Art.

Rocks (This was a little confusing because the prompt said RocksStairs, but I think it means Rocks and Stairs. Or maybe it was meant to say RockStars, in which case I failed.)

 At the coast in December 2015

Seattle again, 2013

This was me about a year ago.
I still think of myself as a brunette - I guess that's a bit delusional now.

Stripes and Measure - same photo! Striped jacket, thermometer measuring the temperature (incorrectly).


 Large watering cans in Las Vegas, 2008

For One

Very blurry - sorry - but I thought it fit the prompt perfectly! Montacute House, UK, 2010


 Landscape, with lots of water - Crater Lake, Oregon, May 2009

That's all for March, ready to turn in to April. Don't believe anything you hear tomorrow!



  1. That landscape is beautiful!!!! I do think that street art is amazing too! I only remembered today when I saw Linda's post so I am frantically going through my photos and trying to take some!!x

  2. Really enjoyed your photos ~ Particularly great choice for 'For one' :)

  3. really interesting pics, I really enjoyed your post!, some fabulous landscapes and eye-catching details too!

  4. Hi Val Loved all your takes on the word prompts especially that last shot. Who would not love that landscape! What a lovely name for a street - HAPPY. Loved the watering cans and I think that guy in the armour wil find it difficult to sit in that chair!!! Can you find next month's word on this site? I cannot find them!

  5. Stunning landscape Val, although I'm drawn to any photo with blue skies...something sadly missing from Blighty for most of the last few months...are you sure you want to move here??? Love the colourful Large photo and brilliant interpretation on For One...but what is that round thing on the seat of the chair? x

    1. Good eye, Fiona! If I remember correctly, they put pine cones on the chairs to discourage people from sitting on them.

  6. You did a great job scavenging through your archives. I love the colours and textures in your crisp photo. Love your rocks photo (I decided they were 2 words too!) and that last landscape is stunning. x

  7. Well done lovely photos ( some of mine were not taken in March ! Shh don't tell).
    Street Art, Large and the stunning Landscape are my favourite.
    Amanda xx

  8. Can we talk about your beautiful not-brunette hair? So gorgeous. I love these Savanger hunt posts. Random tiny person. That's my favorite. I can't wait to see you do these in your new home!

  9. Fun photos. Happy April, Val.

  10. I love the scavenger hunts! The 'Crisp" is fantastic - well, they all are, and I am partial to your silver hair. xox


  11. I love Large. The garden is magical with those big watering cans. Love that!

  12. A lovely selection, and particularly good to see Montacute House. I love the rush matting there ... it smells of my rural childhood!

  13. Searching through your photo archives for suitable photos certainly qualifies as a scavenger hunt. I like the giant watering cans! I wonder if the people that live on "Happy Lane" are more cheerful than people on the next street?

  14. Hello! I'm catching up on your blog posts since we've been away in Italy. How exciting to hear that you're moving an I wish you all the best. Your life is so interesting with lots of scope for taking fascinating photos. I'm sure that will continue wherever you live. A great set of photos for the Scavenger Hunt and I like the street art ones and the stunning landscape. It seems that there was no list for April for some reason? I wonder if the challenge will continue? Anyway, have a lovely May as you prepare for your move.


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