Saturday, March 5, 2016


Have you noticed how time is, yes it is, going faster all the time? When you were 7 years old, one year was one-seventh of your life. When you're 59, a year is one-fiftyninth of your life. The years are scientifically shorter as you get older! Yikes!

As I'm on the cusp of a major life change and moving to another country - for the last time - I can't help but think about the passage of time and my passage through places on this earth. I'm thinking about how the years seem to have disappeared in ordinary days of work and watching TV. I'm wondering what my future life in Great Britain holds and how much the country has changed since I last lived there. And I'm still wondering why the British don't rinse the soap off their dishes.

pondering, 2010

When I started blogging a few years ago, I joined in with other 40+ and 50+ fashion bloggers, taking selfies and trying out new outfits. I had just bought some new clothes and cut my boring bob, I was ready to take the plunge, so I started blogging at Late Blooming Sparkle.

January 2013

People who knew me were surprised that I was suddenly taking an interest in fashion, and many of my friends and acquaintances still don't know I blog because I've felt self-conscious about it.

March 2013

I had fun trying new things, writing up silly posts and taking photos, but it wasn't really me.

September 2013

I'm impressed, though, by the camaraderie and wide network of lovely women worldwide who keep up with each other's blogs, offering encouragement and advice and humor. I don't want to give that up, but I have cut down on my blog-reading lately.

March 2014

I decided to blog as Muse Fondue to widen the scope of my blog. Now I'm more likely to post about crafts or my attempts at photography. I love to get lost in creating little things, mostly dioramas in tins. I know that's a pretty narrow-interest niche, but it's my narrow-interest niche.

my latest, sort of an experimental piece

tiny railroad model figures on a bench with a Parisian background

For the next few months, I'll also blog about the changes in my life. I don't want to bore you with stories of cleaning door jambs or sorting through old socks. I plan to write about some of the profound but universal stuff churned up in such a major change: looking at past and future, learning to change compass points in life, and saying meaningful goodbyes to people and places, maybe for the last time.

with my mom and cousins in Florence, Oregon, 2013

Whew, got myself choked up there.

Anyway, thank you for your lovely felicitations on my last post about my 20th wedding anniversary. I hope you'll keep reading about my wild ride!



  1. Keep reading?! You bet!! Your sense of humour and wicked wit, your creativity, your style, your life as a secret agent, how could one not want to keep reading? You sound very final in your statements here but living the life of a secret agent, anything is still possible.

    Usually I don't tell people about my blog, especially family/friends, mostly because if I did they wouldn't check anyway. So there's that. But even strangers who compliment me on my style, it's rare that I'll tell them either, and if I do, rarer still that I have remembered to bring any card with me.

    I love your wall art. Such a wonderful ambiance you've captured.
    Soap is toxic! It kills cockroaches. Rinse! Hahaha.
    Hang in there with your packing Val. What an great new adventure you're leaping into!

  2. Ah...the wonderful and sometimes weird world of blogging. I love how your blog has gently transitioned to a more authentic you Val! Just like your tiny railroad people, you put a bit of yourself out there with every post and I love it! I admire that you are able to make such a momentous move to England and I really, really look forward to reading about and seeing England through your eyes!

  3. I'm excited about your move. I can live vicariously through you : ) I'm sure it will be a rollercoaster ride but full of adventure.

    I'm glad you've decided to stick around and simply blog about what is of interest to you in your life right now. You're authentic and it shows.


  4. You are always interesting to me, because you're complex and funny and insightful. I will follow all your adventures, as long as you write about them. And I adore your dioramas! xox

  5. Of course I'll stick with you esp as we will finally meet at some point (we are going to make it happen!!!) I love your blog for all the reasons written so eloquently by Suzanne, Melanie etc_!!Xx

  6. Yes time passes too bloody fast when you get older and that's the reason I don't waste it by rinsing my dishes. I'm fifty three and it hasn't killed me yet! Your Parisien diorama is marvellous, how fiddly must that be? You have more patience than me, for sure. I'm hanging in for the ride, your humour and to hear your big move news. Whereabouts in Blighty are you moving to? xx

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Hi, Fiona! We'll actually be in mid-Wales, not too far from Newtown and Welshpool. I'll be writing more about that soon.

  7. I'll be following you Val. I met you through the fashion linkups. Too bad you jettisoned your old blog and didn't just change focus.

    Blogging is a weird forum - most people don't understand it.

    Take a look at joining the AtoZ Challenge in April - you have so many interests and it would expose you to a new audience.

  8. I have adored you throughout all of your incarnations. You are a stellar commenter, by the way. You always crack me up and make me think, two things I need to do more of. I will keep following you wherever you end up. So there! And well, I know you are not that into fashion these days but I am going to get a Dottie Angel frock on your bod if I have to come to England to deliver myself!

  9. Don't wash the soap off the dishes! Oh my! LOL! I'm sure you will have a great time moving across the world. Don't let the stress get to you. Just keep it fun. I can't wait to see all your new projects. The little tin is gorgeous! You asked about copyright. I really don't know either. I usually paint my own stuff. But since I'm not selling the picture and it's just part of the house's decor I don't think it matters. I hope you do posts about your move. That should be mighty interesting!

  10. As long as you're writing, I'm reading! I'm looking forward to seeing where your life takes you. :)

  11. I've enjoyed your musings about your creative pursuits - you have a sense of humour I appreciate, and you write very well. Blogging is wonderful for the community it creates amongst a group of like-minded souls, but to keep it going, you have to find the things that are meaningful to you, whatever that may be. I hope you continue to write about your move.

  12. Of COURSE I intend to keep following you. I have just this week resumed my blogging again after more than a year hiatus. Mine started out, and still is, a fashion blog of sorts. But, I often think "Who on earth is interested in what I'M wearing?" And THAT thought is what just NOW made the light bulb turn on...and is suggesting a new direction for MY blog I wonder if anyone would be interested in seeing my tiny doodles.

  13. I enjoyed this peek into your journey, sharing is what blogging is all about. Good luck with the move!

  14. I love your adventures and your beautiful creations x

  15. I'm really late!, but I have to say it: love your dioramas, love your creativity and love your humour!, and your outfits too!
    I'm also into a massive moving, so I'll send you good vibrations, dear lady!


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