Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Inertia before the Ertia

I - keep - trying - to - get - motivated. 

Since I actually opened my Etsy shop, I've hardly done any crafting/arting. I mostly sit and read or waste time on the web. Lots of time, because my old netbook is soooo slow.

I did make some holiday earrings, but so far only two pairs.



I've got all this other Christmasy material sitting there unused at the moment.

And people keep dumping giving me tins to transform and make into tiny little worlds.

21-tin tower

I have ideas, but I'm lacking the mojovation, the muse magic, the fire in the belly that has nothing to do with sriracha. My brushes and glue pots are dry.

I've been through these cycles before. I think right now I'm taking advantage of the calm before the storm. Our big move back to the UK is still months away, but early next year we'll need to start sorting and cleaning and deciding what to take and what to throw away, and trying to sell everything else. It's daunting and exciting, leaving behind our home here, where I see my mother and sister frequently,

Hand-painted collage I did a few years ago with an old photo of my mom, who grew up on a ranch

but knowing we'll become reacquainted with our beautiful and talented granddaughters.

"Grandma Val - in a mermaid dress!" drawn by Amelie (she wrote her name backwards)

Living in a lazy limbo, I've been perusing Instagram. Without a smartphone, it's a pain to try to add photos of my own (which I wrote about here, near the end), but I'm enjoying lurking and liking. Once we get moved, I'm going to get a smartphone, and a super-duper state-of-the-art laptop, and maybe a kitten (thanks to Bella and Francis making me want a cat again after 25 cat-free years)!



  1. So many exciting plans! You're going to have a brand new life in the UK. A chance to start fresh is wonderful. I'd like to do the same but the thought of the logistics and work involved make me feel a bit ill. Hard to believe we used to move every year or two for the first 15 years we were married.

    Change often brings new energy and gets those creative juices flowing again.

    I adore that collage you made.


  2. This cracks me up and so does that stack of tins! I get so frustrated and impatient with the offs and ons of the creative spirit. But darn it, I love it when it hits all at once. Right now I've discovered felting and I'm crazy over it! I just hope it lasts while I buy the supplies. haha
    Seriously though Val, I hope you stay in touch when you move/retire. It would be so fun to come and visit. Oh, and since our plan is to live in Arizona in about 8-10 years you two are always welcome to soak up some desert sun when needed.
    Now, get busy in that studio!

  3. Whenever you lose motivation and inspiration, just think of me and all my juicy mocha awesomeness

  4. Hi Val! Saw your nice comment on Design Sponge. A big move ahead for you. It's hard to be creative with such a change on the horizon, or at least it would be for me. I also had a flip phone for a long time myself. I'm guessing you will really like the new camera in your next phone. I does make taking pictures much easier.

  5. It is a big change and I can understand that the move means you will be more reticent to do or accumulate too much! The earrings look pretty, like decorations.x

  6. Tin-a-palooza!!!! I understand your napping creativity. Mine goes down for a drooly snooze pretty regularly. It's so difficult to be in flux. But so many exciting things on the horizon. Soon you'll be bursting with inspiration. Heck. I'm inspired by that awesome photo of your Mom! Ertia. So funny. I keep thinking of George Costanza's thoughts about the word ma-nure.

  7. I'm going through a dry spell too. My fashion posts receive the most views but I have been mainly uninspired.
    Perhaps it is because I am contending with a new job, where I am not liked by my boss, and came from a job where I was very much liked by (all 4) of my bosses.
    Ah well, such is life. I have some great outfits to show off - I just need the amazing backgrounds to go with them.


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