Sunday, September 27, 2015

Brooches and Buttons

Hello, all!

The lovely Kezzie has been sharing some of her funtabulous brooches on her blog, and in a comment on my blog she sort of demanded that I do the same. I do have a few really nice brooches, which I haven't been wearing much lately. Summer clothes can't hold up anything that weighs more than a piece of lint. But now that lapel season is on its way, let me show you some of my pretties.

Before I do, though, I HAVE to mention that I just reopened my Etsy shop - click on the link and bring your credit card! Of course, my "chaos" brooches are listed. Please have a look and give me feedback.

Now, where was I? Oh, yes, brooches. I have posted pics of these before, and I'm probably better off using old pictures than the newer ones. This is what I accomplished taking a selfie today:

The brooch is a beautiful blue butterfly I bought from Bella at Citizen Rosebud. Here's a usable photo with a smug smile.

The butterfly was also seen here. Lovely, n'est-ce pas?

--- edited on Sept. 29, which happens to be TARDIS Tuesday, and I'm wearing blue so I shall link up with My Closet Catalogue.

This is one I made for myself using a sticker of an Edward Hopper painting and putting resin over it.

I've grouped it with some buttonflowers from Megan Gann (who used to have a blog but she seems to have quit the blogging life). The little yellow curves in the buttonflowers match the hat in the picture.

Here's a photo from 2012 with me wearing a brooch I got at a charity shop in England.

This is when Mr. S did some photography for me, before we started bickering each time (Me: Hurry up! You're taking too long! Him: You keep making silly faces!). Ah, memories . . .

And here's a micro-mosaic set that belonged to my grandmother's cousin Naomi, who had no children of her own so my mother got them. And now I have them.

I know I mentioned buttons in the title, and I was going to tell you about the buttons I made - yes, made - for this purple velvet jacket, which was a hand-me-over from my niece. But maybe that will wait for another post.

Linking up with the longest running link-up on the webz - Visible Monday at Patti's Not Dead Yet Style. Are you going? I'm bringing a cheese ball (his name is Guido - haha!).

PS - when I added my link, it wanted to shorten the title to Brooches and Butt. 



  1. I'm always happy to see you especially when you're showing off your brooches. I guess we have to wait until cocktail hour to see the butt. So funny. I had a post entitled Hello! and it was shortened to snow in the air Hell. Maybe the system knows something we don't. I love your butterfly brooch and the English one really looks like it would be worn by a lovely well mannered English lady with a questionable past. Your Etsy shop is looking good. Very nice photos. And I guess I never noticed it before but I love your About Me. You are a Gem, Ms. Fondue.

  2. Haha! Guido the cheeseball. I love these brooches - and I got several of my favorites from Bella's shop too. The purple velvet jacket is regal.

  3. Wait!!! You MADE buttons??? I want to see that : )

    And Guido.

    Had to laugh at the comment about partners taking photos for us. The joy of it all.


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  5. Bloomin heck, that is a heavy comment above!!! You, Val need not check your paint jobs!!!
    I LOVE your collection!!! They are all very elegant and pretty, esp the one where you are wearing an Amazing hat!!! I can't said to see your ones-stupid Etsy wouldnt open in my phone, it kept trying to get me to download an app! I'll look later!!

    1. I'm going to delete that weird comment - unfortunately, that will make your comment sound weird!

    2. I hope you've been able to find my Etsy shop. Please keep trying!

  6. It's always a good time to showcase a lady's brooches, I do believe. And yours are terrific! Not to mention the stories and asides that come along with them. Can't wait to see/ hear about the reveal in a later post.

  7. Should have gone with the shortened title just for kicks and giggles!

  8. The mosaic jewellery is sooo pretty! I don't wear brooches very often, even though I own a few. I always liked Megan's button flower ones and had every intention of getting some at one point.

  9. Beautiful broaches and butts in here!

  10. Lovely brooches, lovely you. I saw in a mag that clusters of brooches are a big deal for fall. Again, of course. When are they not? I have a few, but rarely wear them ... I put them on then take them right back off. I'll get the hang of it one day, I hope.
    Good to see your face, Val!

  11. Bonjour, Val. Rather, hi, Val. (I had to address you in British since you'll be moving soon. How's my accent?) Love your brooches. And I want to see the butts you made. I took moldy jello to the meetup. I thought it would be a lovely pairing with Guido. Good to see you! I loved your clown pants emergency post too. Hahaha!


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