Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Cliche of Chaos

I wanted to write about chaos, but couldn't think of anything original to say. I wrote about the origins of the word "chaos" on my Wordcraft editing blog. But when it came to writing about actual chaos in any meaningful way, everything I wrote seemed so . . . predictable. The world is in chaos - it certainly is. Learning to live amidst chaos - yeah, we've all been there. Embrace the chaos - cliche monitor going ding, ding, ding!

Why chaos? I like the word, it's rhythmic with a nice pivot, and it's a sneaky way to show you my latest creations. I've been making brooches in a chaotic fashion, and it's fun! Much like nature, the colors and wires create their own order and their own beauty. But since my verbal imagination didn't seem up to par, I decided to use quotes from other people in this post.

If you want to see more of these brooches - they are for sale - pop over to my Muse Marketplace page.

 We live in a rainbow of chaos. Paul Cezanne
red, white and blue

Art, in itself, is an attempt to bring order out of chaos. Stephen Sondheim


Chaos often breeds life, when order breeds habit. Henry Adams

frog pond

 We adore chaos because we love to produce order. M. C. Escher
just - chaos

This last one is sort of honey-colored, so I'm linking it up with the TAG Gallery blog - Anne has set up a link-up around the color of honey. Check it out!



  1. Oh you are jolly clever, these are very pretty!x

  2. These are so chaotically beautiful! xo

  3. Oh Val. These are really beautiful. I especially like Frog Pond. If I were a jewelry wearer which alas I am not, I would be piling this chaos on my bosom.

  4. I love your jewel jumblies and that you've attached your brooches to chaos. I love that word, the a and o side by side. I don't think art attempts to bring order out of chaos, but rather attempts to take the order out of order to reveal the underlying and pervasive abyss. Great quotes, Val! I like the Kaos in Get Smart too.

    1. Yes, KAOS and CONTROL! I always wanted a shoe phone.

    2. Watched that show all the time after I got home from school - yes, a cone of silence would come in very handy

  5. Val, these are gorgeous. Oh the beauty of chaos!

  6. Love these chaos jewels. I think the last (most chaotic?) is my favorite.

    Thanks a BUNCH for linking to the TAG Blog. I think I'll "curate" Honey links with the TAG artists. They don't "get" it, and I feel compelled to do it for them. I'm so bossy.

  7. Val!!!! Beautiful, beautiful pieces you've created. And....if your bead collection is anything at all like mine; you've been creating them out of chaos. Escher's quote really resonates, though I like them all.

  8. oooh, those little bits of wearable chaos are very cool. Love how you are experimenting with creative outlets.


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