Tuesday, July 21, 2015

World Premiere!

Way back in February I told you about a documentary Mr. S and I were making about local musicians. It's called South of 45, and it's finally going to be on TV! Woohooo!

But you have to be in Oregon to see it, or at least somewhere you can tune in to Oregon Public Broadcasting. It'll be on Sunday, July 26, at 8PM on OPB Plus.

We are pretty excited, and we'll be hosting a premiere party for the musicians and crew who all gave us their time and talent. It's a damn good show! I'll let you know if it gets wider release so everyone can see it.

For those of you headed to the Blogger Meet-up of the Century, I know you are going to rock Vancouver! I can't wait to see pictures (and get the inside scoop from Anne when she meets me for lunch on her way home).



  1. Congratulations!!! That is a huge achievement!! Wish I were in Oregon to see it!

  2. Big congratulations! Will we get that station in Vancouver? (guessing not, : <) xox

  3. Oh Val, that is so exciting - congratulations! I hope it gets wider release so those of us not in Oregon can see it.

  4. Oh my gosh. I'm so happy for you. Oregon is quite the place! I, too, hope that it will eventually make it here to California. I promise to help you pick out your gown for the Oscars.

  5. This is indeed very exciting news Val! I do hope we get an opportunity to view it in the future!

  6. Mega-star, stylists, limo drivers, private home chefs, personal assistants - get ready, Val! This is very exciting!! I'm so happy for you, Mr. S, and your team. Of course when your Film achieves wider distribution, which it will, I'll be tuned in, even if I have to watch the demo TVs in the appliance store, all 20 of them. Hurrah! I'm so glad you'll get in a visit with Anne, too.


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