Sunday, May 24, 2015


Ladies, you are all so wise! I do appreciate your comments on my last post about my work dilemma. You didn't let me off the hook. Of course, I was hoping you'd all say, Forget the job! Do your art! Live life on the edge!

But you didn't.

You basically told me to be sensible and try to earn some money while I can. Which is wise. I realize I was just completely drained from sleepless nights and stress at work, and was having some bad days. I put in my application for the open position and will wait and see what happens.

In the meantime, we have a teenager in the house. What an experience! I never had kids of my own, and I became a grandmother after only four years of marriage. And now that baby is almost 15, wearing way too much make-up and traveling on her own.

When she was here four years ago with her mum, she met my neighbor's "granddaughter" and they became friends in the span of a few hours. They kept in touch via Facebook, and now have spent the last three days together going to school and camping! I'm so glad she's having a good time with someone her own age, and I'm so glad she's expanding her horizons and seeing what potential the world holds for her.

Since we ended up having the weekend to ourselves, Mr. S and I have been gardening. Not our favorite passtime. One honeysuckle is full of aphids, so I had to cut off a lot of the blossoms. But, the other one is just starting to bloom, and smelling heavenly!

There are snails everywhere.

That's a snail on his belly, not an outie.

Or rather, there were until I relocated a couple dozen of them to the park across the street. Is that wrong?

Tiny, tiny flowers - I love these because they choke the weeds!

Okay, that's enough excitement for now. Time to sit outside with my book and take it easy. Enjoy!



  1. I threw loads of slugs and snails over the fence (we live next to a green)- I hope they enjoyed High Speed travel! How lovely to have your relation there.xx

  2. Such carnage in the garden. Aphids, snails, choking weeds.
    Hurrah for putting in your application - all your options are still wide open. Although stress at work is not a good thing... I hope at least that you and Mr. S find some satisfaction in arresting the garden mayhem.
    A teen in the house? Is that even legal? How lucky for her that she is able to spread her wings at bit with a visit. The seaside is beautiful.

  3. Oh, that's such an age, 15 - I remember getting up to so many things that would have freaked my mom out. I loath snails. Gross!

  4. A teenager in the house is an enormous change. Isn't it interesting how quickly young people connect and stay connected? I think it gets harder to make friends as we get older.
    I hope you hear soon on that job, but mostly if you do you will enjoy the regular income once again. We only have to buckle down and work hard for a handful of years and we are done for good! That is, if we want to be done....
    Your honeysuckle is so pretty! We've been working in the yard today. I am exhausted and haven't even spread out the bark yet.
    Good for you for relocating the snails. My hubby puts them into the yard waste bin. Is that cruel?

  5. Hello, dear Val!! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving a little note; of course I wanted to return the compliment!! Your gargoyle is adorable...and even though I know that snails can cause a lot of damage in a garden, I'm going to admit that I think they're cute, too!! Glad you relocated them instead of the alternative!! :)

  6. I wanted to comment on your last post, I even tried to, but I just couldn't put the words down. The truth is, if it were me, I'd probably do the thing I didn't really want to do...apply for the job. So, as much as I wanted to shout, RUN, do what you love, the money will follow...blahdity blah blah....I couldn't. The comments rolling in were already overwhelmingly practical, but somehow I wasn't able to encourage you to do that either. sigh. see how I made this all about me, LOL. Anyway, I think applying for the job was a good move. Just take things one step at a time.

    I think relocating snails is a very kind thing to do. I throw mine over the fence into the neighbour's yard....KIDDING people, just kidding.

    I fill a spray bottle with soapy water and spray my plants that get aphids with it, but I imagine the honeysuckle was too big for that. Oh, how I love the scent of honeysuckle vines.

    Enjoy your time with your granddaughter. We always love having our niece come to stay with us. It just gets better and better!

  7. Aphids, snails, weeds AND a teenager - Oh MY! Very nice of you to re-locate the snails - I wonder if they have enough brain activity to be aware they've been moved? I like your grinning garden gargoyle.

    I guess we're a pretty practical bunch - I thought some people would be encouraging you to throw off the shackles of employment and seize the day.

  8. Good luck with the application! I really hope you get what you want, stress and sleepless nights is blooming awful, I'm keeping everything crossed - I think re-locating the snails is lovely, they can wreak havoc in the park, they can't cause that much damage (I know zero about them other than my Mum views them as devils and drowns them in salt, her garden is precious) having a teenager in the house is a wonderful thing! isn't she fabulous! I'm so impressed with her sense of adventure x x x

  9. How lovely to have a grand daughter :-) She's the same age as my daughter. I think it's wonderful for children today how they have all the digital possibilities to stay connected. I know I would have had more old friends if Facebook had been available in my teen years. Living in a small and boring village I got "creative" instead... Good job in the garden! One small step for man is a life changing/ending experience for a snail :-D


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