Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Sim Sala Shed Bam Bass Saladu Saladim

I expect you're wondering about that title, huh? The internet is a magical thing!

I remember a strange song my mom sang when we were kids:

High in a tree I heard a crow,
Sim sala bim bam ba saladu saladim.
High in a tree I heard a crow caw.

It goes on to describe a hunter, and it doesn't end well for the crow but I don't remember all the words. However, when I was wondering about this obscure memory nugget, I googled it. And I found it! It's a Danish song (my grandparents were Danish) and I wasn't just making it up.

It fits perfectly with this pendant I made from a Danish stamp.

not in a tree, but in the clematis

I added a little token from the Seattle Transit System, circa 1945.

My dad worked in Seattle one summer after the war because he had an army buddy who lived there. He must have kept this token when he went back to Nebraska - and through various moves to Oregon and Washington. Now I can't wait to visit Seattle again and ride the bus - the token is good for one fare!

Making this pendant is the only interesting thing I've done lately. My craft table got cleared off to repair some blinds, and I haven't had a chance to make it messy again. See how clean (and forlorn) it looks.

I really want a dedicated creative space. Sigh.

I got a bunch of arty-crafty porn from the library. My favorite was the book on top.

I so want a little (or large) shed where I can spread out all my paper and paint and glue and everything that smells toxic. I want windows and shelves and tall tables and bright colors and a floor that I can spill on!

I also want a new computer and a hi-res color laser printer, but now I'm just dreaming.


Have you heard of Meghan Trainor? She's a really fun singer I've been listening to. Her mama didn't sing about a crow, sim sala bim. Her mama told her to find a man who'll love every inch of her.

What songs did your mama sing to you?


gratuitous clematis photo - too bad you can't smell it


  1. Oh Val, you have got that right - I really want to stink up my home with glues and paints and other stuff too. Don't worry. You'll get your smell blast before too long, and you even have the good smells in your yard already. Your pipecleaner girl looks a bit forlorn.
    Isn't it great when the internet confirms that we're not losing our minds? That your lyrics were real? How cool to find out that is a Danish song. I love your token (as in fare) pendant as well, particularly with its history. With inflation it should be worth several trips by now.

  2. Crikey I wish my crafting desk looked like yours....mine is so bad I can't face going in the room, I must stop procrastinating and clear it up. Love the Danish stamp pendant, it will always be a memory of the song when you wear it. Seattle is great isn't it, my parents lived there for a couple of years in the late 80's when my father had a contract with Boeing. Yes they play Meghan Trainor on my radio station, can't say I remember what her lyrics are though.

  3. I have a crafting basement. Thank God it is downstairs hidden from sight because it is one hot mess.

    The only song I remember my Mom singing was Rockabye Baby. Which was kind of violent really.

    The pendant turned out cool.


  4. I know - Rockabye Baby on the treetop . . . if you listen it will give you nightmares. You space does look a bit wistful just now, Val - I think a project will take life there soon.
    I burst into "All About That Bass" for my teenage nieces, and they said, "That song is thin-shaming, Aunt Patti." Kids. xox

  5. My mother never sang to me and I'm not allowed to sing to Aly because I'm tone deaf. ;p

    I love "All About the Bass" but am a bit leery about the rest of her album.

    That pendant is crazy awesome! And now that I know you make them, I wonder if I should commission you, my friend, rather than going to Etsy for my next project. ;)

  6. My parents used to sing the Hut Sut Song and Mairzy Doats. And there's always the classic Ole Dole Doff. All designed to confuse young children who are just learning to speak. I actually think that an empty work space is inspiring. Fill it up Val. Fill it up with your wonderful ideas come to life!

  7. I'd love a craft space too! I am SO enamoured with the black bird stamp! So cute xxx

  8. I don't remember my mother ever singing to me, but there are songs from my childhood that I do remember, and I think this is why I can't remember important day to day stuff because the space in my brain is filled with the lyrics to the theme songs from the tv shows I watched after school.

    Very cool pendant, and I like the craft inspiration books, although I would be inclined to ooh and ahh over the pictures and then put them away ;)

  9. I just packed up my dusty paint studio stuff 'cause I've been drawing on the tablet! Go figure.
    My mother didn't sing ... too childish for, uh, a child. But I do remember her playing Porgy and Bess and Ralph Vaughn Williamson the big old 78 player, monaural. Probably not the same thing.
    Your pendant is wonderful, and so are you! And yes, I'm all about that bass, too.

  10. Darn it, where's my comment? I leave another one.....
    My mother use to sing us the saddest song called Go Tell Aunt Rhodie about a goose that dies with a cold in her head. Terrible!
    Love this pendant with special symbolism just for you. Can you make me one with a dead goose on it? Kidding!

    1. I remember that one. And also the one with the fox. A fox went out on a chilly night; he prayed to the moon to give him light. He had many a mile to go that night before he reached the town-o, town-o, town-o. He'd many a mile to go that night before he reached the town-o.

  11. I wish I could smell that clematis! Your stamp and token pendant is fabulous. I love how personal it is. I have little song memories from my childhood too. They are usually silly ditties that were popular after the wars and sometimes they are no longer PC. Your poor sad empty craft table! Soon you will be back at making things. I have several issues of the magazines Cloth Paper Scissors and Where Women Create. I do enjoy dreaming and drooling over images of creative spaces and I wanted to explore mixed media work so I collected a few of the CPS mags. Enjoy your books. It won't be long before you are creating again. xoxo

  12. I saw the cutest backyard studio on Pinterest recently. {It may have been you that pinned it?} I wonder if the owners of our home would notice if we built a studio in our garden patch? Hmmmm.....

    It's always good to give the workspace a good 'ol clearing...your empty desk is ready to be filled with your wonderful creativity now! I've been loving your miniature pins!

    Your clematis is beyond gorgeous! I've got a couple of clematis in pots, but they won't be singing until much later! Our rhododendrons are just beginning. How are yours? And you must have some, yes? I mean, you are in Oregon and fairly close to the coast...

    Mum read poetry to us...Wynken, Blynken and Nod comes immediately to mind.

  13. My mom sang me songs of nonsense and gibberish. I think that's why I turned out all messed up and weird like this. One song went: burr burr rup, beeky baw, beeky baw (repeat)

  14. My Mum never sang to me, which is a good thing, her singing voice could sour milk (I've inherited it, my children ask me never to sing) I love you remember your childhood Danish song though, does it make you feel warm when you hear it? the pendant is brilliant, very cool - the woman's shed sounds and looks like a dream, I want one, I'd just pretend to craft (because I can't) but I could sew! I'll join you in the dreaming - I like Meghan Trainor too x x x

  15. I want a shed too! I eye them every time that I go to Home Depot. I have entered them and "tried them on" for size. Lets keep dreaming, maybe they'll manifest in our back yards!

  16. I know this song... not all the lyrics, but learned it in 2nd grade long, long ago. But we sang sim sala bim bam bah saladu saladim (not sure spelling but phonetically this is what we sang) Funny how a song can be an ear worm forever...

  17. My mom used to sing this song to me. And in case anyone is curious, I believe the lyrics of the full song go something like so:

    High in a tree I heard a crow,
    Sim sala bim bam ba saladu saladim,
    High in a tree I heard a crow caw.
    Just then a happy hunter came,
    Sim sala bim bam ba saladu saladim,
    Just then a happy hunter came by.
    He shot that calling, crafty crow,
    Sim sala bim bam ba saladu saladim,
    He shot that calling, crafty crow down.
    A maiden picked that crumpled crow,
    Sim sala bim bam ba saladu saladim,
    A maiden picked that crumpled crow up.
    She cooked that calling, crafty crow,
    Sim sala bim bam ba saladu saladim,
    She cooked that calling, crafty crow yum~


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