Thursday, February 12, 2015

South of 45

This last weekend we had our final day's shoot for the music documentary Mr. S and I have been working on. The photo below was taken by one of the musicians when we recorded at his house. I'm not really an audio technician, but I can fake it when necessary.

The program is called South of 45 (Like us on Facebook!), and we got our posse together for a final gig at the now-closed Dexter Lake Club (which I wrote about here).

The shoot was dope, as in really good! As Production Assistant, I was in charge of catering, supplying Coke (with a capital C), and generally running around and finding the gaffer tape. My fabulous niece Lisa took photos (she shoots her husband Kenji's blog, which is one of the best men's blogs I've seen).

Here are the bands we worked with.

Hyding Jekyll - funk metal grunge

REFA - upbeat, complex, really really tight

Alexander DiGrazia - poetic lyrics and gentle guitar

So, that was a rocking long day on Saturday, and Sunday we had a Wrap Party at our house.

Then Monday I started working full time again. It's gainful employment and a total shock to the system. I've got a temporary job, about 4 or 5 months, but at least it's steady money. I'll be editing, proofreading and blah, blah, blah. I wasn't getting much traction as a freelancer but, of course, I'm getting inquiries now. Typical. I may soon be really busy working days and evenings, and Mr. S has also got some paying work coming up. We may have a few bucks yet for retirement someday.

The new job is near the university, and there are some nice walks for my break times.

And the weather here is ridiculously mild - look at this:

If you live in the northeast of North America, you might want to consider moving to western Oregon!



  1. Your video project looks so cool! Congrats on getting all the work. I swear, everyone I know wants to move to Oregon!!!!

  2. Excellent audio fakery, although I suspect you have more talent than you let on.
    Congratulations on completing your shoot and transitioning into a steady job. I hope you don't need Coke with a small "c" to handle the transition to an office. But this will give you a chance to throw your name around so they'll remember you when your film wins all the Big Awards. Plus, it'll look good in your memoirs. It's been mild here too, but the rain...! I'm a pickle.

  3. Congratulstions on wrapping your project, and finding steady income for the time being. Life as a freelancer can be tough: there is either too much work or not enough, nothing in between... I hope you will find the balance and remember that as difficult as it is to turn down paid work, you only have 24 hours a day (after about 20 years of freelancing I think I'm finally learning this...).

  4. Great project - congratulations on the wrap. Artistic people are so much fun to hang with. And congrats on the job too - I'm so glad things are getting greener (heh) for you two. xox

  5. What a fun project that must be! Glad you've found employment, but yeah isn't it always the case that it's either drought or deluge.

  6. Oh, Val! Everything's coming up roses for you! Congrats on your new job - sounds like my dream job! And you look so happy and glow-y in this pic. There's something to be said about loving what you do, n'est-ce pas? :)

  7. So when will we see your picture on the cover of Rolling Stone. I was a little worried when you said dope. This IS rock and roll after all. I am so happy for you, Val. Everything's coming up crocuses. And I have to mention the Monte Dolack poster behind you in the first photo. Monte and I are childhood friends. He was the cool guy across the alley from my house.

  8. Congrats on the wrap! Sounds like lots of work but lots of fun too. I hope you enjoy your new job, already the walk to work looks lovely. I'm so jealous of the mild winter you've been having. We are -23 today without the windchill.


  9. You are so cool, I'm so not cool, because I use words like cool and you say dope, and can do audio and work with cool bands.
    Congratulations on the job and the wrap! x x x

  10. You look so badass in your 'phones, Val! Rock on with your metal self! All the cherry tree blossoms are popping here this weekend - now a little sun would be nice!

  11. Hooray! (Don't you love one word comments?) ... ok now it's seven words.... eleven. Twelve.

  12. You look like a pro in the shot with the headphones! Looks like the project was lots of work but a bunch of fun thrown in too. Of course you would get more freelance inquiries just as you're starting a full-time job. It would be a terrible shock to the system to have to get back into a 9 - 5 routine - good luck! Just keep telling yourself it's a means to an end. After this weekend of blowing snow and a - 30 to - 40 degree celsius windchill you may find me knocking on your door looking to rent a room.

  13. HI! Sorry I didn't comment before, have been out every evening since Wednesday. Now back and swung-danced out! You do look super in this photo. Typical re the freelance work- HOW many times have I heard that hapen.xx


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