Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Rock and Roll Saves Lives

Mr. S and I have embarked on a video project. It's low-budget, but full-blown, with camera crew and audio guys (all working for free). We're recording some of the musicians in our area who write and perform original work. There are a lot of bands to choose from around here, and we've met some ahhhh-maze-zing musicians!

We've also worked our butts off, and we're just getting started. We've just been shooting for three and a half days in a row. If you've never been on a shoot, there's a lot of moving cases and equipment in and out. And then moving them all again, and again. There are tons of cables and lots of fiddling while everyone gets lights, cameras and mics set. Then there's a lot of standing around quietly while the recording takes place, and again, and again. Then there's some outdoor shooting where you have to carry a lot of stuff around with you. Eventually, you get to pack it all up and try to squeeze it back into the car it came in, and then you do it again the next day.

After the third day we were shattered, but on the fourth day - yesterday - we still had to record the rehearsal of a very dynamic and funky band. We hauled everything into their garage and spent an hour or two setting up. Then the band started playing. Hard. Romping, stomping bass, flying sticks and a driving beat on the drums, zen-like squeezing of the guitar strings - it was outrageous! I'm not a metal person, but this was funky metal, determined and strong and tight, and just so good that I completely forgot I was tired! No more aches, no more yawning, no more worries. When we got home, my drink of choice was tequila. And I felt great today! I also didn't get dressed until the afternoon - I think a rock-and-roll lifestyle suits me.

I'll tell you more about the project as we go along, but suffice to say that music is magic.

Here's my basic uniform for shoots -

jeans are Lees, shirt is from Target

The vest is handy because it's got bigger pockets than my jeans, and can hold my bundle of keys and fobs, since I'm usually the one who has to run back and forth to the car for the extra things that we didn't bring in the first time. The vest used to have sleeves, seen here in October 2013.

I recently took the sleeves off, and I used one cuff to put a partial belt at the back to give it some shape.

Yeah, I look like an old lady rocker, but who cares? I can head-bang with the best of them, for a while anyway.

What are you listening to?



  1. Your video recording project sounds like wild fun and work. This is how I see you: head-banging, hauling equipment, and then picking up a neat little award somewhere for all your work. My eyes are googly and I thought you said your jacket had three sleeves. Doh. I like how you chopped off the sleeves. I am listening to the giant void.

  2. So...when I grow up, I wanna be you. In the worst way. I think perhaps I am living your life in an alternate universe - married to a Brit, living in Oregon, freelancing in all manner of creative ways, Japanese relatives...gah! Kudos to you for living la vida loca! I am listening to my hubs snore away...

  3. You sound almost like a roadie.

    I'm interested to see and hear how it all turns out. I hope you make a guest appearance at least : )


  4. I think the rock and roll lifestyle definitely suits you, and this sounds like a great project, which you wouldn't have been able to do if you were still employed full time. Have fun with it, and keep us posted!

  5. You are a rock and roller, for sure. What a fun and fascinating project. I love the bright lights and late nights and tequila at the end. xox

  6. What am I listening to? Just found out about a group that's been around awhile, but new to me...Rising Appalachia. If I were 40 years younger, and my bestie since 7th grade was too....THIS is who WE'D have been (if R.A.'s genre was around back then).

  7. I love you Val! I truly do! You are so cool!x

  8. Here's to old lady rockers! I love your fun but practical look! I'm a metal chick from back in the 80s/90s - your project sounds awesome!

  9. Your project sounds funnnnn! Nothing cooler than a rock chick!

  10. This is brilliant! promoting new bands, a rock and roll lifestyle, tequila and dressing in the afternoon, I'm in awe, honestly, I think you are brilliant x x x

  11. What a fun project! I used to be in a band and I actually didn't like the "rock and roll life". When it was time for a show, I spent more time worrying about how I looked- trying to be sexy to attract a mate than focusing on the music. It was stiff competition out there because no matter how great I thought I looked, there was always a much prettier rocker girl to come along a ruin everything. I wound up marrying our cello player's brother so I guess it worked out ok.


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