Thursday, December 18, 2014

New Glasses - New Face - New Hair

I got my new glasses from Firmoo, and I'll give you the full review in a mo'.

New glasses mean a whole new face, and a whole new face requires a new haircut. So I channeled my inner beatnik (and made good on my vow to copy Becky's hair) and did blunt cut bangs.

Now, about the glasses, which were supplied by Firmoo in exchange for my review. You've probably seen reviews on other blogs - good reviews. I was skeptical because I wear progressive lenses and wasn't sure how they could get that right. Well, they did! I wore these right out of the case. I might go to my optometrist to get a tiny adjustment on one side to fit my crooked ears, but the lenses are absolutely correct.

The trick is in the pupils. When you enter your prescription on Firmoo's site, you also enter your pupillary distance (PD - if it's not written on your prescription, get a ruler with millimeters and have someone measure it for you).

How did I select my frames? That was fun! I uploaded a photo of myself without glasses, and then I could "try on" various frames virtually to see how they look.

There were other frames I liked better than the ones I got, but for progressive lenses they need to be a certain height. The specifications for each frame will tell you if they'll work with progressives or not.

Since the offer from Firmoo was for single-vision lenses, I paid for the progressives myself. It was only $36.95. I can't remember the price listed for the frame, but single-vision eyeglasses range from $19 to $56. The lenses are processed with anti-radiation and UV coatings, and the thin grind for thick lenses was free (for my Coke-bottle lenses, this makes a difference). I could buy three pairs of Firmoo glasses for what I spent last time I bought specs!

The cheap prices got me wondering about human rights and corporate responsibility. Firmoo is based in China, and I searched online to see if there was any information about the working conditions of their employees or the company's impact on the environment. I didn't find anything, either good or bad.

This is what they came with - a hard case, soft pouch, cleaning cloth, and teensy screwdriver on a keychain - and they were here in less than two weeks.

The frames are very lightweight - I don't know if they're all like this or just this style, but they don't have a metal bar in the temple arms like my other glasses. If you're not usually careful with your specs, these might not hold up well. But for a spare pair at this price, I will definitely buy from Firmoo again - and I'll get snazzier glasses next time. I could have a whole wardrobe of glasses!

But you don't have to take my word for it - get your first pair free and do your own review!



  1. Val, I'm definitely feeling that beatnik vibe here. I expect to find you in a basement bar somewhere, somewhere in the corner, vaping your pen, and sipping some herbal brews while writing a novel on paper or a roll of toilet paper like that famous guy did. Your haircut is perfect.

    I have one pair of Firmoos and I love them too. I was shocked at how inexpensive eyewear can be. Prices at other glasses shops in my city are coming down too, as a result.

  2. Very cool beatnik chick - love the straight bangs and the dark-frame specs. Luckily I can get by with just readers for now, and there are tons of cool-looking ones. Firmoo has great prices, yes? xox

  3. hey, you look great in these and the new hair!!! Loving it dahlin!x

  4. I think that is your same face but whoa Cute haircut. In fact, I have the same exact haircut. Aren't we adorable? And I like the glasses. I got a pair of online glasses (why do they call them a "pair"? There's just one thing. Hmmm.i've been watching too much Seinfeld) from Warby Parker. Same price and same experience as yours but they donate a pair for each pair that you buy. So maybe for your next pair of sunglasses you can go that route. Though these frames are pretty cute on your "new" face. When I saw the header I was wondering if we were going to get a plastic surgery story.

  5. LOVE the glasses and hair!!! As the rest of your hair gets longer you can add some face framing fringe starting at about the cheekbone. I swear, it's flattering on almost everybody! <3

  6. Love the hairdo, gives you a softer look. Glasses look nice too, good to have a few pairs to ring the changes x

  7. I really like the bangs on you, and those are very stylish specs. I've never ordered prescription glasses online because of my severe astigmatism; it's very hard for me to get glasses that work for me. I like the idea of having multiple pairs to wear with different outfits, but when I have to pay between $400 and $500 per pair, it's not likely going to happen.

  8. Good job on giving yourself a whole new look! Your new eyeglass looks good on you, and so is your new haircut. I hope you’re still happy with both at this moment. Have a nice day!

    Doris Gibbs @ Moody Eyes

  9. The new glasses look great! And it’s good to know that you found them quite cheap, yet very dependable. And I think the app where you can try on the frames on your photo is amazing. Now you don’t have to go to their shop, just to try them on. Anyway, I think your haircut looks great on you. Thanks for sharing this with us, Val. All the best!

    Beulah Jackson @ 96th Street Eye Care

  10. I like the glasses and the hair! Firmoo you say, well I will have to check them out. I do believe it is quite easy to get real great looking reading glasses at a reasonable price if you just shop around. Gone are the days of having to pay this terribly high prices. I could go for the cupboard full of glasses too, especially since I'm a little too old to wear the high shoes anymore.

    Barton Levesque @ Glenmore Vision Center


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