Friday, December 5, 2014


I've been thinking of writing about this for a while - my name.

I use Val and Valerie fairly equally, and I don't mind either one. I sometimes think I should be more consistent, though. I used to always introduce myself as Valerie, and I always wrote Valerie, then I would let others decide what they wanted to call me.

My husband ALWAYS refers to me as Val, and introduces me as Val. Friends usually call me Val, and with emails I usually just use Val because it's quicker to type.

But for business I tend to use Valerie, at least initially. This has confused people, though, when they think of me Valerie and then I call them on the phone and say, "This is Val."

So should I always introduce myself as the more formal Valerie?

 Or the casual Val?

Or just keep being arbitrarily schizo?

Another part of my identity is my glasses, which I've worn since I was nine years old (not the same ones, of course, although my first ones were cat-eye, also). 

So I was pleased to be approached by Firmoo, who have worked with many bloggers, to do a review for them. I just ordered my glasses today, and I can't wait to share my new look with you in a couple weeks!

Val, or Valerie


  1. Both names sound like "you" - I say do what comes naturally. Only my mother and sisters call me "Pat", which I dislike intensely - but I can't get them to change. I love Firmoo's frames, and can't wait to see what you picked. xox

  2. Keep switching back and forth!!! I do the same with Becky & Rebecca! I have a million pairs of glasses, too. You look beautiful in the pics!

  3. Val seems more relaxed. Someone that would be funnier and more fun to be with than Valerie. Valerie seems like she would be too posh to mix it up. But having both sides is what really makes a person interesting.

    Only people that don't know me well call me something other than Suzanne.


  4. I think Valerie is SUCH. A pretty name. There is a Valerie in my year 2 class, a pretty little African girl who suits her name. My Step Dad's sister was called Valerie too. I know a few Vals too and somehow they are always v organised people with a good sense of humour!! X

  5. I like Valérie, with an accent on the E, well you know i'm french
    As you probably know us francos seldom shorten a first name - I couldn't think what people would call me beside Ariane!

    Can't wait to see your new specs! Firmoo has a good quality eyewear.

    Nice to hear from you

  6. Hi Val, can't wait to see your glasses, but I do adore the last ones there. I'm already anxious to pick out my next pair! Good thing I have good insurance because I'm always changing my mind what I'd like.

  7. I deliberately named my children so that I'd be able to shorten them. I guess that's because I've never had anyone give me a nickname before. And although I always start out using my students' full names, by the time the year is through, I end up calling them "Jen" or "Jess" or "Mike". I think it's a form of affection and also efficiency? That said, everyone knows that when I use their full names, I either mean business or I'm expecting a more formal register. It's like my secret code.

  8. OK. Now I can't get that Monkees song out of my head! Have people been singing that to you your entire life? I see you as a Val. A sparkly Val. I have the same thing going on with Constance and Connie. As they say, "You can call me anything. Just don't call me late for dinner."

  9. Let's just split the difference and call you Ronald.

  10. I think it's nice to have a choice! Valerie is beautiful and Val is quite personal, I like them both! my Dad calls me Flossie or knicks (from my baby frilly knickers haha!) I hardly ever get Sandra though. I do look forward to seeing your new glasses though, there is something quite special about new specs, I always like to think they are part of a new chapter in life x x x

  11. It's difficult to make a name switch. I was "Judy" in my younger years, but changed to "Judith" in my 30's. I like it much better.

    As far as Val or Valerie. Both sound good to me! And I love your glasses.

  12. You seem more like a "Val" but perhaps that is your blog persona? Great colour and shape on your current glasses, interested to see what you chose from Firmoo


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