Saturday, November 15, 2014


How many different YOUs have you been?

Maybe putting a number on it is the wrong way to gauge the endless reinventions we manifest in our lives, sometimes small, sometimes unplanned, sometimes deliberate and huge.

For instance, in my late 30s I went from being a single Seattleite employed in a publishing company to being a wife, stepmother, expat, business owner and video producer. I think I was in shock for a couple of years.

Montacute House, Somerset

Ten years later I became a returning daughter and sister as well as a 40-hour-a-week office worker, while easing my husband through his own shock at being an expat!

my mom and siblings and me

And now that I'm away from office life, I'm sort of in shock again. Being self-employed has its challenges, but as a lifelong grammar geek and now fledgling freelancer, I'm finding myself more interested in work than I have been in years. The work I do is something I enjoy and that comes naturally to me (I know, it's sad that correcting text is my best talent). And I'm networking with interesting people who may need my services as a copy editor some day - like self-published authors - and that's got me thinking about trying to write something more substantial than a blog post. Maybe a short story, or...

the beach at Malibu, 2011

Anyway, my point is - well, I don't really have a point. I'm just thinking about how life evolves and surprises you.

Strangely, although I have more control of my time, I haven't done anything visually creative lately. It's funny how my artistic instincts have been subsumed by starting a business - and worrying about money and health care and retirement. But I think my muse is warming up the fondue pot. I may be ready for blogging again, and I'm finally thinking about making some more of my little dioramas. (If you're looking for unique Christmas gifts, look no further than the Muse Marketplace tab above!)

Or I could take more photos. Or do some sewing, alter some clothes, or paint some shoes.




  1. The ellipses at the end of that final "or" is so very inspiring. You are an amazing person with infinite talent in many things and I can't wait for the next phase of your life. I am in the process of writing my novel and when it's done - or as done as any draft can be - perhaps I can hire you to be my copy editor? Life does work in mysterious ways...

  2. You are an amazingly astute and self-aware person Val and I can't wait to see what you do next!!!! X

  3. Agreed - the changes can be sudden or subtle, but it's ever so much better when we're self-aware. You have many talents, and insight is one of them! Enjoy the ride. xox

  4. Life throws lots of twists and turns at us and those that can't adapt have a difficult time of it. Sounds like you are quite good at it and you've had lots of practise.

    Life would be so boring without those changes.


  5. Isn't is said that "change is the only constant"? I think that at the core, I've always been the same person, but life circumstances affected how I viewed and presented myself. Being able to adapt to new situations has been a skill that I've worked on, and it becomes more important as we age, and jobs disappear, partners leave (or arrive), etc. You strike me as a very creative, resilient and adaptable person.

  6. My life has been twisting and turning so much lately, I feel like I'm on a corkscrew rollercoaster! And I'm trying to prep/psych myself for diving back into the world of interviews and hopefully steady employment once more. Which seems to involve an awful lot of shopping, which I'm blogging about.

  7. I love your altered tins... but not at much I a luuurve you!!

  8. Yup, I agree - and even if the hectic nature of change leave us spinning, being able to adapt as soon as, is vital - and having an outlet, I love your diorama's x x x


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