Friday, October 31, 2014

The Old Bat Rides Again!

Can't resist a chance to wear this shirt:

You may remember this from last year.

The glitter washed out, so I redid it all with actual fabric paint. I don't know if I'll be wearing the cape today, but I will wear the shirt. I wore it to FedEx the other day and got a good laugh from the kid who works there - the "kid" is probably in his late 30s. If I'm gonna be an Old Bat, I've got to play the role.

  • Complain about the music kids listen to today
  • "Kids" will be anyone under 40
  • Say often, "When I was growing up..."
  • Make a slight moan or grunt when I stand up
  • Start long chats with cashiers
  • Drive really slowly, or else a little too fast and erratically
  • Eschew modern technology as much as possible

Are getting into your role for Halloween?



  1. Ha ha! I love this. I am a prime offender of long chats at the check out counter. Grocery shopping is a big part of my dwindling social life. Another one is forgetting to comb the back of your hair. So nice to see you VAL!!!

  2. Great costume! Happy Halloween!

  3. Mea ha ha!!!! Love your attire old bat!!! X

  4. LOL at the definitions of "Old Bat"! I make it a point never to criticize current music, in front of young people. xox

  5. Ha! I should dress my husband as an old boot next year.

    I do love the tee.


  6. Love it! And the phone! I'm guilty of some of those...especially long chats. It's called being friendly. Something these young folks today know nothing about. Why when I was a girl... :-D xo JJ

  7. Although we aren't seeing you post frequently, when you do, you never fail to cheer me up Val! When out recently with friends for sushi, we caught ourselves talking about our health issues, LOL. GAH! It's really happening. And calling kids (yes, anyone under 40 is a kid) dear and honey. What? We forgot their names?!

  8. "Start long chats with cashiers". Nailed it.

  9. I thought that was the best costume last year! I am making the slight grunt when getting up and criticizing the music that the "kids" are listening to, so I'm approaching "Old Bat-hood"

  10. Oh Dear God I ticked almost every one, I'm even fond of a daily nap - Old Bat does rock my world though, your phone is the BEST! X X X

  11. That's just awesome! I would want to wear that tee everywhere.

  12. There's something satisfying about selectively claiming the age thing, isn't there? I had a customer call me an "old bat" in a misguided attempt to protray me as the mean old pub-wife. So I threw him out. Vastly satisfying, and he returned with an apology. I told him we can say that about ourselves, but he may never do so.
    You look super, super-heroine!


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