Tuesday, September 9, 2014

And they lived happily ever after

I want to tell you a story about a dear friend of mine in Seattle. She's just over 50, and she joined an online dating site geared toward specific interests (Geek to Geek, or something like that), stipulating that she wanted to meet someone who lived within 25 miles. She started emailing one guy who sparked her interest, and they kept emailing and getting more interested in each other. They were very compatible, so they decided to meet.

She suggested a place in Seattle, and he replied asking where that was. She was kind of surprised he hadn't heard of it, so she asked him where he was. He replied Glasgow! So much for the 25-mile criterion!

By now they were already friends – good friends – and they kept emailing and also started Skyping and messaging each other. This went on for several months, and the relationship continued to grow. They wanted to meet in person, so they decided they would meet on the east coast of the US.

After she flew out, all her friends on Facebook waited with bated breath. Of course, the meeting would be filled with anxiety and trepidation. Would it be everything she hoped for and deserved? Would she be hurt? What if the magic didn't exist in real life? What would they do for five days if it just doesn't work?

It took a few days, but finally she posted a picture - of their hands entwined. That said it all.

Sniff, sniff.

So... they just got married!!! I'm tearing up anew as I write this! They married in a beautiful, Victorian town on the Puget Sound, Port Townsend, Washington. Of course we went.

This was the view from our motel in Bremerton, the Flagship Inn.

It's an old motel, but they've cleaned it up and added all the amenities, and the view was to die for.

Mr. S sacrificed part of his muffin - how could you resist that face?

In the morning we had beggars down below the balcony.

I didn't get any pictures of all the lovely old Victorian houses in Port Townsend, but you'll see plenty if you Google it. A lot of the bigger houses are bed-and-breakfast places now.

I won't post personal wedding photos, except this one to show you the beautiful park where my friends got married.

The bride was stunning in a lacy, soft white ballerina length dress with a light turquoise ribbon-belt, and a petticoat to match. The groom wore a shiny satin vest and Victorian tie. They're both madly into Doctor Who (they wore Converse sneakers, as did most of the guests), so I made this for them with an Altoid tin.

I put the bride and groom on the inside - where it was much bigger than it looks from the outside. Well, sort of bigger.

I forgot to have Mr. S take any full-length pictures of me, but here are some cropped close-ups that show my hair growing out in a silver sweep.

And it's not too late to link up with Visible Monday, so I'm going over to check out Patti's new kitchen!



  1. I WILL PAY YOU CASH MONEY FOR MY OWN TARDIS TIN! TELL ME HOW MUCH! OMG! NOW, PLEASE!!!! (I'm not kidding, btw. I want one. I will break my 90-Day Spending Fast for this.)

    P.S. I never got this in my Bloglovin' email feed. Did it kick me off? Think I need to re-follow you? :/

  2. That is such a sweet story. I was afraid it was going to be a catfish situation. Port Townsend really is lovely. I had an awesome bowl of soup there once. And I love your longer hair. We could be twins.

    1. Catfish situation? You're gonna have to explain that one, missy.

  3. What a wonderful story! And your Dr. Who Altoid-tardis is fabulous!!!

  4. That's a heartening and romantic story! Congratulations to your friend and her new husband.
    Loving your longer hair, and the fabulous Tardis tin! xxx

  5. What a romantic and cheery story! Love rules! Your Tardis is extraordinary, and you look great with your silver sweep of hair. xo

  6. Such a sweet story. Sometimes those on line meet ups don't work out well. Happened to a friend of mine. And Val, that tin is amazing! That really is your medium of creative expression for sure. I bet they were overjoyed with it.
    Your hair looks beautiful too!

  7. Wow! Is EVERYBODY growing their grey hair long? Your sweep looks gorgeous. Thanks for the lovely story...even I got teary and I don't even know the couple!

  8. What a lovely story. So nice to hear of a happy ending.

    Your hair is looking fabulous!


  9. That is a lovely story and I'm very happy for your friend. I've heard both wonderful and terrible online dating stories, so I'm glad that theirs was in the first category. I'm sure that your Tardis tin was the coolest wedding gift they received.

    Your hair looks beautiful with the extra length!

  10. Oh how lovely! I loved it! I read with bated breath - many, many Congratulations to the happy couple and the pics of you are gorgeous! your hair is fab! x x x

  11. That Tardis is AWESOME! what a great story and a lovely happy ending for your friend. Or beginning. I truly believe that online dating/meeting someone is just like in the offline world where it can be great or terrible and all the possibilites in between.

    Your hair looks fantastic!

  12. Tha TARDIS!!!! I love it!!!!
    Oh what a lovely story! So did he move from Glasgow (Scotland, UK, I presume?) .Such a nice story to hear!x

  13. Awwwwh! What a charming story ... needed to hear it today! And what a great gift ... they'll love it forever. My favorite part of this blog is your lovely smile, though! So good to see it. You rarely smile this big.
    Great Vogoff spread for you. Very evocative, very noir! Congrats on all!

  14. Love conquers all! Hurrah! This is an excellent story. I'm very happy for your friend and her new partner. The diorama is a perfect gift. The photos of you are beautiful - your hair is a gorgeous shade of silver. And the bride's dress is stunning on her.

  15. That's certainly a wonderful, romantic story Val and I'm gobsmacked at the amazing gift you made the happy couple. I just know they'll always treasure such a thoughtful, personal work of art, while the bride's dress is beautiful! I really love your hair, such a beautiful style! xixx

  16. The Tardis is great! And I like you hair longer like that, lovely color. I think silver locks are best with a bit of length, shows them off better.

  17. Awwww how romantic!! I have a lot of friends that love Doctor Who!

  18. Hi Val!

    Just got back from the honeymoon in France, in between unpacking, by the way you should see the state of my closet! nightmare on the horizon! I have to tidy up big time, but slowly -Happy so happy for your friend! D and I met on line too, i love hearing stroy like this one!
    I read that you have interesting freelance work, that's great!
    I have to get back on the work wagon soon but no rush really - I could get admin contract real quick if i wanted too but not in the mood for it just yet -
    I love your hair and you look radiant on the bits you showed us -
    I have gained 5 pounds in Europe, God the food, the food!
    Totally worth it, but will have to be sensible now and watch what i eat, you can't pig out like it did in France!

    Hugs Val


  19. Ok first off- the love story: how wonderful! So good to hear how the interwebs literally connects kindred souls. Congrats to the happy couple! Secondly the view is indeed amazing- as is that Altoid Blue Box you made for them. The inside is even more incredible- you are an artist in the making! Your hair looks gorgeous as does that patent pending kilowatt Val Sparkle smile. Hope you're well! xo.

  20. I love a romantic story. I am a mail order bride (first-time) myself. I must buy some Altoids now that I am super inspired by your tin!


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