Thursday, August 14, 2014

Where do you stand on the End Times?

Remember when this was sort of a personal style blog? Remember when I sort of had some personal style? Well, I don’t get out much anymore, and I just like to be comfortable, and I love having bare legs while the weather is good.

Things have been kind of weird around here lately. It seems like we just got back on course after the Mercury Retrograde situation, and we’re having a sort of apocalypse-lite. Partly it’s the weather – thunderstorms and colored skies like this.

The trees were red!

The evening these were taken, we were out for a walk when frogs jumped across our feet on the path. A couple minutes later there was a snake wriggling by at high speed as if the devil was chasing him. I expected to see flying monkeys next, and sky writing that said “Surrender, Dorothy.”

Last night I was reading when I saw a hint of movement out of the corner of my eye. I looked down at the brownish carpet and didn’t see anything – except a little shadow. Was it just the nap, or was it...? I looked closer and saw a spider with a leg-span of at least three inches! It tried to get away (and my husband would have preferred if I had got a jar to catch it put it outside), but I grabbed a slipper and whomped the spider. It bounced a bit, and I whomped it again just to make sure. I’m sorry, but it had to be done. I felt kind of bad, but mostly I'm scared of a spider ghost coming to haunt me.

THEN - the phone rang in the middle of the night, which can’t be good news. It was a recording telling us to turn ourselves in to the police! It was obviously urgent, and probably had to do with tearing the tag off a mattress in 1997. We were given a phone number to call, an officer’s name, and told that this was the District of Columbia State Police. (The District of Columbia is not even a state, so WTF?) The call ended with, “Have a blessed day.”  Again, I say, WTF?!

So, what have we learned about frogs, snakes, spiders and scam phone calls? To always put your best foot forward. Okay, a bit of a non sequitur, but it’ll do.

I’ve been wearing these shoes a lot lately for walks and bike rides. They’re suede, they’re by Born, and I got them on sale last year (previously seen here). What’s not to love? They may not be shiny, but they’re going to Sheila’s Shoe Shine!

fresh tomatoes and basil!

 Are you still enjoying your summer, or has it reached its End Time?



  1. I've been loving the crazy weather lately - the sky colours have been fantastic. We had a heavy fog this morning, being right on the ocean - watch for the foggy Castle pic tonight. Thanks for linking up to Shoe Shine - it'll be up first thing Saturday morning!

    I'm still enjoying my summer (summer goes till late September - why are we always in a rush to end it early??), but I'm looking forward to boot weather!

  2. Things *have* been weird lately, haven't they? Good thing there are leopard shoes to carry us through the Weird Times.

  3. Okay that is some weird shit. LOL Scary!

    Summer doesn't even feel like it happened this year and now it is getting cold. I hate it.

    Love the sneaks.


  4. I was thinking the same as Suzanne: weird shit! We're having a plague of dragonflies here - related?? Stay safe. xox

  5. Ditto Patti - stay safe! But the most important thing here - pink socks and leopard shoes!

  6. Val, you crack me up! First I would have been screaming with a spider that size. Our house was infested with them in the crawl space when I was a kid and we'd find them everywhere. On our bath towels, in our shoes, etc...Did you also know you're not suppose to tear tags off hair dryers either??
    Geez, I hope things go back to normal weirdness soon. Maybe you'll have to wait until the 7th Sign.

  7. Strange times eh?
    I'm still enjoying summer v much. Particularly as I just read a UK based post which talked about all the rain-mea ha ha!!! Here in Croatia the weather is boiling!!!
    I like the new shoes x

  8. So you are still at liberty then, Val, not locked behind bars in the District of Columbia? Phew.
    Some odd things are occurring... I do like a dramatic sky. Spiders, not so much, although I steel myself to catch them and put them outside; don't want the kids being arachnophobic so I model calm behaviour, although that's much harder when they are enormous buggers! (The spiders. Not the kids).
    And truthfully, I'd rather enjoy home-grown tomatoes and basil instead of seeing frogs and snakes.
    Love the shoes, and of course you can wear what you want, Val! xxx

  9. That's an awful lot of Weirdness in a short period of time - End of Days perhaps? Oddly enough, I'm more creeped out by frogs than snakes. I would have had to whomp the spider too.

    What's not to love about leopard print kicks? I find summer a difficult season to dress for (hot outside, cold in the the office) and I feel like I'm wearing the same thing over and over. I'm much happier, and creative, in the fall when I can layer.

  10. Okay, the frogs were hopping across the road because that's what they do. The snakes chase them. The red sky, don't worry, just a passing toxic cloud, but rather beautiful. I would have been too scared to do what you did to the spider in case I were hit by debris. The phone call? Hahaha re. mattress tag! I'll see you in the slammer. Can someone bake us a cake? Please include some polish with the nail file.
    Where do I stand on End of Days? At the back of the line.
    What are you drinking over there?
    Bare legs and fab shoes. Life is pretty darned good.

  11. It' s not my habit to quote famous people, but in this occasion this one seems a proper match: “When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained.” (Mark Twain)...

  12. I liked all your weirdness except the snake. They must have been some tasty frogs! The spider indoors is fairly common here in Canberra...nice big huntsman spiders with hairy legs :-)
    Your shoes are great! So jealous! Born sounds like a nice brand.
    Enjoy your bare legged summer! JJ

  13. Scam police calls! oh my goodness, I didn't know they existed, red hued days, massive spiders and snakes, and weirdly while I reply my Eldest bounces in and cannot access her email (lot's of drama, sorted now) I think we need a restorative drink, a cup of tea sorts everything out x x x ps your leopard print pumps are gorgeous x x x

  14. All is fine here nothing weird is happening and It's good cause there's a wedding next Saturday!
    Spiders, you would not like our area full of them!
    Scam police calls? that's the weirdest thing!

    Take care and wear garlic around your neck you never know!


  15. We get those big spiders inside at this time of year too. I catch them and put them outside because I do not want to be haunted by any spider ghosts! Also I do not want squished spider guts to deal with. Of course, on the third floor I don't get those spiders now.

    End of Days? I don't know, I have no compass anymore. I have spent nearly my whole life operating on the school calender but now I am like a retired person and one day is pretty much the same as the next. I like September and October but I will be grumbling by the time November rolls around.

    Cute shoes and cute you, sitting on the chair. xoxo


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