Sunday, July 6, 2014


In my house we usually have leftovers for lunch. Mr. S calls them 'tovers. Since I've been lax about planning new and flamboyantly entertaining posts, I'm going to use up a few 'tovers.

First, here's Kenji again. I'm encouraging him to do his own blog, but he said if he did that he'd do a street-style type blog. However, I think he needs to start taking selfies and posting them. I can't be there every day!

His purple plaid shirt looked really sharp with white jeans. And of course, his cool sunglasses. I don't know what any of the brands are - that's why Kenji needs to do his own blog.

The rest of these pictures were taken a couple of weeks ago when I went on a "sales trip." I thought I'd see if I could get a shop to sell my crafty boxes (see here and here and here and here). No one wanted them right now, although the place shown below said to come back after they've moved to a new location.

Unfortunately, the old house is falling apart - you can see the holes in the ceiling.


But what a cool place! I love big old houses. And little old houses.




upstairs - I'm wearing my thrifted SToned skirt. I had the place to myself. I may have jumped on the beds.

This was in a small town just north of Eugene - Coburg - which is brimming with cute old houses and an abundance of antique shops.

This one was empty, but what a lovely old building!

I got some good advice about selling my wares, and that was to do it myself. With the shops adding a mark-up, I wouldn't really get much if they sold. So, when I get around to it, I'm going to add a For Sale tab to my blog. Besides the boxes, there may be some clothes and shoes to sell, so watch this space!

In the meantime, I've got some freelance work lined up! I'll be writing marketing proposals, not editing lovely art books and magazines, but I'm my own boss. I'm also my own employee, so if I slack off I have to write that up for my HR file.

Have a good week, and be nice to your co-workers!



  1. Yay for the Freelance job! And good idea about your boxes! Ha, you SO jumped on the bed! x

  2. Kenji is so stylish!

    Your boxes are amazing - they are really works of art.

  3. yay for freelance work! I too love old houses, and miss our old cottage. But modern electricity is good too : > Kenji has great style.

  4. You look very pretty in that old deserted bedroom. Gosh. I just know that in the right location your boxes would sell like gangbusters. Tovers? We call them Musgo. As in "all this stuff must go!"

  5. Blogger seems to have eaten my first comment, or else you will get two from me. And of course I was much more eloquent in the first one.
    Kenji looks great and definitely should have his own blog
    You look great too-love that outfit
    Yes I too love old houses
    Your boxes are adorable and if you ever make a miniature library in one I want first dibs

  6. What a fun old house!! Great news on the work plans :)

  7. Your boxes will sell like hotcakes but I still think you should write a Griffin and Sabine-esque book.

  8. Hi Val!

    Congrats for the work! it's a start!
    I do love old houses, we live in a century old house, my hooo has plenty of lovely old houses
    Kenji should blog, we need more men!
    I have seen the box you had sent to Melanie, what a beauty!



  9. Yep, Kenji should definitely blog! the house is amazing, did you spend hours there? it looks so interesting and so beautiful, I bet it had a lovely 'feel' there, you did well not to have jumped on the bed though hehe, it looks so tempting - I'm chuffed you have some work lined up too, sod the HR files though (I have many, our are called file notes, I am going to start a FN badge mickey take at some point) x x x

  10. Congrats on freelance work, Val! I didn't know you were an editor. Very cool that you will be selling your boxes and other items. Exciting new times for you! Xo

  11. Hi ya Val! I especially love the sweet little shack with the white picket fence in front. Darling photo. Maybe you can shrink that down and add it to one of your special boxes. It would be adorable!

    Yes, Kenji is a sharp dresser. I bet there aren't many good male style blogs that aren't disgustingly designer perfect. You know, the good kind but not too perfect.

  12. Hurrah for the work! I'm glad you have some freelance jobs coming your way. And as a bonus it sounds like interesting work; you'll probably see all kinds of ideas. As for HR reports, I've fired myself numerous times but I always crawl back for more.

    As for the sell-it-yourself advice, yup, that sounds good. I checked out Etsy and PayPal and I think self-selling directly from a blog has great advantages. I can't wait to see what you put there.
    And Kenji has great style. Why not start a blog? You only have to play with it as often as you fancy.

  13. Congratulations on your work! The photos are lovely - such a beautiful old house, I love old houses as well! Your boxes are truly inspired, Val - you've got so much artistic talents! They touch my heart. I think it's a great idea to add a page with your boxes in your blog. I had the same thought - my brother is very artistic, and I have a few of his intricate wooden boxes and other things which I used to sell through shops and festivals. I had an idea to add a page with his items on my blog too. I think your boxes will sell wonderfully, they are truly beautiful, I'd like to add one (or two :) to my collection.

  14. Thanks for your comment over by me, Val. I've been appreciating your posts and all the twists and turns you're navigating. Cheers to a bed-jumping break!

  15. Well done on the freelancing, that sounds good. Let us know how it goes.
    Kenji looks great, and I love the idea of an antiques shop in a house, with the stock set out in all the rooms. Gorgeous photos. xxx

  16. I love old houses too, and I live in one. A medium sized house built in 1907. It needs ongoing TLC, but it's worth it.

    Good luck on your freelancing. You're a very bright and creative woman, and I have no doubt that you will find what works best for you!

  17. Gorgeous! I would absolutely go into this place -- and spend money like I have it!


  18. Okay, lady, I'm giving you the chance to write poetry! Or be snarky! Or write snarky poetry! :D

    I nominated you for a Liebster and I hope to read your responses to my questions some time soon!

  19. Great photos of lovely old houses.
    Good news you have some freelance work.
    That bed looks too irresistible not to be jumped on - it would be foolish to resist.

  20. your little boxes are works of art, so fabulous and evocative pieces!, and so interesting old houses and old furnitures, there's a lot of treasures!
    wish you luck as a self-employed lady!


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