Sunday, July 13, 2014

Mercury Moving

Last month Mercury was in retrograde - did you notice? I think my skeptical husband now agrees that all kinds of  cosmic whoop-ass can occur when that happens. Even my muses fled the vicinity, no doubt taking refuge on Venus so they could spin backwards until Mercury straightened itself out. Thank the goddesses we seem to be back on some kind of course now, and the muses are back and adding stuff to my To Do list.

Of course, Muse Melanie has always been here, rallying humankind and rousing us to creative catharses for the next issue of VOGOFF. My own little muses finally whispered in my ear and started telling me sweet little stories. Then they described a dreamscape in great detail until I finally knew what to do. So, since I had the camera out to do some photos for VOGOFF, I also took these pictures.

tank top - JCP; jeans - thrifted; shoes - Chelsea Crew; cuff - Etsy (can't remember the shop name)

The capelet is made from a scarf that I never wore, cut in half and sewn together leaving a hole for my pumpkin head (like I did here). I can wear it at least three different ways.

no brand on the scarf; the end I cut is now left frayed
And see my cool shoes, which I almost never wear!

Since I'm not working, I've mostly been wearing shorts and tee shirts, but I played dress-up today. I'll wear this next time I have a chance to go out, although the mercury is a little high for wearing jeans.

What do you think of my hair? I'm letting the bangs grow and combing them back, but I'm not sure if I like it or not. I have a very crease-y forehead.

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Oh, and I added a new tab at the top of my blog - Buy Me!



  1. Cool shoes indeed - love your colours and scarf-wrangling too. I'm excited for the next VOGOFF but don't have the oomph to put together a submission myself - go Val!!!

  2. Hey Val--just wanted to say Hi! I've been reading but not commenting...are you enjoying not working?
    With regard to the hair and bangs, my friend says, either bangs or For myself, I would prefer the bangs.....xoxo

  3. Woo-hoo, love those rarely-seen shoes! And you look great in your DIY scarf-poncho. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xo.

  4. Loving the colour of your shoes and top :)

    Thanks for linking up to Creative Mondays ...

  5. Your shoes are coooooooooooooooooooooool! You should totally link up to the two Birds with these (and that t-shirt) as they look like the inspiration look: look at the Inspiration Monday tab.
    I really like your capelet!!! So pretty!x

  6. Does the return of your muse extend to participating in T3 this week? It's Fave Villains month. Or not. You could always just tell us about a book you're reading and dress accordingly. Pick your poison.

    Loving that repurposed scarf. I really should get on the stick and learn to sew. Or maybe I should just send you all my old scarves. ;p

  7. Cool shoes indeed! love the color! I thought I would join Vogoff but not this time maybe next one - I like the hair,it's gives you a je ne sais quoi de of something artsy!



  8. Love the jealous you can wear them! And I love all the colors...and finally, love the hair...the bangs are looking good!

  9. LOVE the shoes. You need to wear them more often.

    I too have a creasy forehead. Thus why I wear heavy bangs ; )


  10. Val, you are looking mighty fine, mighty fine, indeed! I'm glad that frigging Mercury straightened up. The shoes are pretty spectacular and I'm glad you left a hole for your head on your scarf upcycle. I really like the part in your hair. Change is a good thing.
    And I'm so glad you've been mucking about for VOGOFF. YAY! Thanks so much - I can't wait to see what you've done. Dreamscape? Hm. anything is possible...
    Right on about your Buy Me page.

  11. New something was up. Damn Mercury. Can't it remember to keep going in the right direction - it's always backtracking on itself and causing us issues! Love the cape let and the shoes. Great colour. I can't wait to see what you have in store for us for Vogoff!

  12. Love your shoes! Love how you brought out the turqouis ein your caplet with the blue shoes and top. Nice to meet you!
    rom the link up
    Please stop by, jess

  13. Your dress up day outfit is a success Val. I love what you did to the scarf and it's so versatile - I'm off to have a look at my scarves to see if I can have a go myself. Great shoes by the way.

  14. How clever to make a caplet. I have many scarves that have worn out their welcome. I even thought of making them into pillows to add some whimsy into my home decor. Your shoes are fun. They look very Anthropologie!

  15. You look great! I love the jeans. They fit you so nicely. When I was thinner I wore jeans constantly, but now that I am heavier I have such a hard time finding a good fit. Growing out bangs is the worst!!!! I hate the in your eyes phase. Drives me crazy! Grow them out and then if you don't like them, just cut them again lolzzz

  16. You look all dreamy and bohemian and cool, Val - love the colours. Hmm, what ARE you dreaming up for Miz Bagg's entertainment? Can't wait!
    PS. Becky's right - just grow the fringe out, then cut it back in if you don't like it! xxx

  17. You know what? Your hair would look so great cut like the woman who owns the blog I Love My Lemonade Life. It is so modern and cute! You may already know who she is but if not you should check it out.
    Those are awesome shoes, and by the way, the cuff came from a shop called Rimanchek. Something close to that. I just looked it up myself because I wore mine just yesterday.

  18. Whoop ass Cosmic stuff? I'm with you! all kinds of upside down stuff has been going on here (cryptic? a little, just 1 huge confirmation required at the mo) I like your side swept fringe a lot and your cool capelet and shoes, curious about your VOGOFF, am soooo looking forward to it all (am waiting for some creative inspiration and at the last minute too) x x x

  19. Val, the caplet is a great idea! Very floaty and festive for summer. With the addition of the shoes and your new hair style, you look like a million bucks. Can't wait to see what you have cooking for VOGOFF!

  20. I remember when I first heard about Mercury being in Retrograde causing all kinds of wackiness, and I was skeptical at first, but now am a confirmed believer.

    Nice upcycle on the scarf - it makes a lovely added layer of colour. I, too, have lots of forehead creases, which are much more noticeable when I curl my hair off my forehead. Obviously, we must frown a lot ;)

    Glad to hear you are making a contribute to VOGOFF. I'm working on mine.

  21. That's an idea with a pretty result! Excellent! You look all perfect for summer. These colors work really well for you, Val!
    We've had to do all kinds of business-y stuff during this retrograde, and I am grateful that I was able to drag my feet at signing important papers until we were well out of the shadow. Respect the Retrograde, or ignore at your peril ... that's been our experience. This one happened at a bad spot for us ... glad it's over, and things are looking up.

  22. There is lots to love here, though you are first on the list! Love that capelet and now I want to make one too! The shores are great and you MUST wear them more. You look really good in those jeans but I can't imagine wearing them in temps over 75 degrees! Your hair looks good too and I like it like that. I don't see any forehead wrinkles! I don't know about any retrogrades but mercury sure has been rising here. Things seem to have been normal around here. Normal for me that is. Normal for Sophie. Unless that retrograde is responsible for my finally getting a load of paperwork done, but I would have thought it was deadlines that caused that.
    I am looking forward to seeing what you create for VOGOFF and in fact I am looking forward to seeing what everyone does because I don't understand it so I must see the process.

  23. Those blue shoes are lovely - thank you for sharing them with Shoe Shine! The creativity with the scarf is amazing. Such a good idea!


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