Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The long and short of it

When I started Muse Fondue I really liked the new name. Now, I love it! It feels more me, more forward, more expansive. My creative juices are melting in the pot, and the muse and I just keep forkin' around and having a good time! Photos, collages, dioramas, and altered clothes have seduced me, and I'm also tempted to face up to the challenge of more vigorous writing. Therefore, I've created (if I get this right) a new page for stories.

Have you noticed that you uncover blog links just when your mind is going in that direction anyway?

Thanks to Tami, I found In Jayne's World. Drat, I was too late to take part in the link-up for Hint Fiction, where you write a suggestive tale that hints at a deeper story. In 25 words or less.

I may have missed the link-up, but I started making up ultra-short stories anyway, so herewith are a few. And look to this page in the future for further writing excursions.

 - Although she was passionately in love with her husband, she was technically a virgin.

 - They both loved their new house. He knew it would be a good family home; she knew it would be a good place to disappear.

 - One final thing to pack before he left the office for the last time - the backup disk from January 18.

 - When she moved back to her hometown, she left behind a garden in bloom, a husband in jail, and a pregnancy test in the garbage.


  1. Huzzahs to you! If I weren't so tethered to the name of my blog and thus the intent of it, I'd join you in your literary drabblings. As it stands, perhaps I can offer a fun source: http://www.amazon.com/Worlds-Shortest-Stories-Murder-Suspense/dp/0762403004/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1401855455&sr=8-4&keywords=55+word+fiction

    I use this book when I want to teach conciseness in writing to my students. Perhaps we can take turns challenging each other?

  2. Ooh, these are a series of tempting and intriguing first lines for your future novels, Val! How interesting! You are obviously on a creative roll at the moment. And it's great to feel at home with your blog, to have settled on a name that's right. Good for you! xxx

  3. Ha! I especially love the last one. Looking forward to more great reads from you : )


  4. Great micro-stories! I am thinking about the first one a lot . . . what's happening between them??

  5. Good to see that some of us are in creative roll!
    I use to write a lot in french of course when i was younger, and was quite good and original - I lost it somehow or i'm too darn lazy!
    Looking forward to more writing
    Oh! i have read your other posts, loved it
    So nice the story of you and hubby, you should hear mine, LOL!
    Maybe one day hey?
    Doing better and better and thinking shit i will have to go to work soon!

    Take care Val


  6. ooooh, those are excellent beginnings for a short story. I used to love writing stories and drawing when I was a child. The writing continued, thank goodness, but went in the direction of non-fiction. I am a great admirer of people who can tell a good story, whether on paper or in person. Hope the creative juices keep flowing ;)

  7. I love your ultra-shorts! What a cool exercise!

  8. I missed your Val Sparkle but am growing to like your Muse Fondue. The possibilities of blogging are truly endless - so many directions to take, and so little time. Hint Fiction is a gas - I will be sure to round you up if I find anymore linkups ~

  9. These are great, Val! I especially liked the second and the fourth. And your blog looks great!

  10. They are brilliant ultra short stories, I have no favourites but am intrigued by them all, very powerful x x x

  11. I love micro stories too and was just thinking about them a couple of nights ago. I love free verse poetry and see a sort of connection with micro stories, or hint stores (that's a new term for me)

    I loved reading your stories! I love the last two! I'm getting really close to sharing some of my stories -though they are not micro. I might do installments.

    I love your writing on this blog so I am looking forward to reading more!


  12. Val, may I take a dip in your fondue? (that sounds a bit scandalous!) Tell your husband to move over now that you are on the scene too. These are fantastic nano stories. I'll be a devotee to your new story link.

  13. I'm lovin' the one-liners. The first one reminds me of a true story our pastor told me and my then fiancée at required pre-marriage counseling about a man who divorced his wife after a couple years because she wouldn't consummate their marriage. I don't have any feelings about the story in particular.... I just thought it was interesting enough to share.


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