Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I watch the ripples change their size

Ladies, thank you so much for all your wonderful comments! Since I found out I lost my job my mind has been elsewhere, and I haven't been consistent with reading and commenting on blogs, but I appreciate all your thoughts and support.

Turns out I wasn't completely finished with work - I'm working some days this week to make the transition smoother. Hah! It's not smoother for me. I went from euphoria last week to limbo and lethargy this week. Can't wait until the break is clean and complete and I can really relax (an abundance of alliteration there!). Oh, and try to make a living.

I've missed a lot of my favorite link-ups lately, so this outfit will make up for lost time.

Today - 52 Pick-me-up - '60s
Friday - Secondhand First 
Sunday -Visible Monday

Here's my pseudo-'60s, secondhand and visible outfit. I'm sort of like Shelley Fabares meets Susan Dey.

Not exactly bell bottoms, but flared dungarees, along with a top tied at the waist and a button-up cardi thrown over my shoulders. The top, belt and jeans are thrifted; the cardi is Target and the sandals Clarks, and they're both at least five years old.

The top has a sort of mod pattern, and colors like 1960s kitchen appliances - avocado green, coppertone, and almond.

And I'm wearing my locket, previously seen here, which is from the '60s.

Hey, if you didn't already know, Joni James is doing a new blog! Check it out - An Artful Closet.

Thanks again for your lovely comments. Be sure to visit and join the link-ups!



  1. I read this wrong and thought you said "the Nipples change their size" and I kept trying to figure it out. Were the little spots on your shirt throwing me off? Everything looked quite symmetric. Hmmm..oh Ripples!!! This is a great outfit. Very timeless. My husband went to high school with Susan Dey. He said that actually her sister was the cute one. But I think that actually YOU are the cute one. XXXXOOOO

  2. I am not familiar with your pop culture references but you look super fab anyhow. Those colors already appeal to my 60s-loving heart but the cardi is what really makes the whole thing pop.

    I hate the limbo feeling. It's like a phantom limb or forgetting to lock the house before going off on vacation or something. Here's hoping you shuffle off your slump and find something grand to replace it.

  3. I read "nipples" instead of "ripples" too! Must. get. new. glasses. I hope your new adventure becomes clear soon, I agree that dangling ends are no fun. i am changing some responsibilities at work soon, too, and it's a bit unsettling. Love this look, great jeans. xox

    1. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, too. xo

  4. I'm way behind, so just finding out about your job loss and all the feelings that go with a huge shift and transition. Your looking great in your 60's attire, despite the stress of change. I will be eagerly following you during this next chapter!

  5. My mind has been else where too since last week - Wishing the best of luck Val and wish all the success you deserve!


  6. Oooh, loving this outfit- you look darn stylish! I really do hope the job thing works out for you Val dear!x

  7. Well, I think once you know you are going, but then the time is a little extended, it's pretty hard to feel very motivated... Bring on the relaxation, I say! Love the colour of your cardigan and the cute little knot in your shirt.
    Thanks for the tip about Joni's new blog, I didn't realise she was back! xxx

  8. Thank you Val for the tip of my new blog! I'm really having fun with this again!
    I love the fabric of your shirt, it is very retro and reminds me of a shirt I had and lent it to my nephew...then he wore it to the end of his life. He's actually got it on in his coffin. LOL Believe me!!
    We use to call it the "old man" shirt. I love classic fabrics like that.

  9. Ooh, Joni is back!

    Love that top on you - so chic tied at the waist, Val.

  10. I love how you describe your top as in the colours of '60s kitchen appliances? Who else would do that? Val, my hero. Groovy baby. Your talents are multifold, Val. Hang on to that thought. Thanks for the tip on Joni's new blog. Hurrah.

  11. They obviously had no sense of style to let you go. Love the cardie. Enjoy your new freedom.

  12. Okay, I now feel really dull and boring because I did not read it as nipples. Sorry about the dragging on of the job situation. Yuck! You are looking fabulous though, and much better than Shelley Fabres and Susan Dey. And who doesn't want to dress like kitchen appliances! But really, you should have a toaster cover on your head. You dropped the ball, there Val.
    I'm mentally kicking time in the butt so it goes faster and you can be done.

  13. I'm so sorry to hear about your job Val, I think we mentally 'cut-off' from a workplace when this happens, I hope the transition phase passes swiftly and you are then free to go on your next adventure - your 60's inspired outfit is totally fab and reminded me to join in with Anne tomorrow, my brain seems to be dissolving at the moment, I blame the turps/white spirits (no, I'm not drinking them haha) x x x

  14. I'm so sorry to hear about your job. Love the print on your groovy shirt and wish you lots of great things. xxx

  15. cool and comfy outfit, and lots of info too, so glad J.James is back!, and also enjoying that 60's inspiration!!
    clarks sandals really last years and years, and they look cute!

  16. Val, I did not know about your job loss...I am so sorry you are faced with this right now...and I really hope the next job will be better in every way. You look stress on your face at all. I hope you have a hopeful week.

  17. So sorry to hear about your job loss- I know the transition can be stressful- but I also know you are incredibly intelligent, sane and creative. I know you will find the next phase of Jobbery. In the meanwhile, please take a deep breath and know we are rooting for you.

  18. Another one for reading nipples instead of ripples, not sure what that says about us all. I love the print on your shirt and the colour of the cardii really looks great on you. I love these photos of you. Sorry to hear about your job and hope the break is completed soon. Sometimes its worse to be in limbo than just getting on with the next chapter xx

  19. Clothes are cute ... really like that blouse, especially (is it Banana Republic thrifed? I had a skirt in a similar once.) But your face is what draws the eye. While you may not be feeling quite so confident, you look like you're seeing great things in your future. Here's to that thought!


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