Saturday, May 3, 2014


I usually try to have some kind of thematic cohesion to my posts, something that pulls the text and photographs together. Maybe you haven't noticed. Seriously? You haven't noticed how hard I work on this? Well, then you won't notice that my theme got stretched a bit in this post, but I think we'll get there in the end.

You see, I've got photos of the skirt I gave you a sneak peek of here.

And I've got more photos from the Scavenger Hunt that I dumped out of the bottom of my handbag. These are of my city, Eugene.

And the only thing I could think of to unite them was stones. Have you ever read The Stones of Venice by John Ruskin? No, I haven't either, and I have two degrees in Art History. Maybe I'll get to it one day.

For now, I present to you My Stoned Skirt and The Stones of Eugene, in one rambling post.

I found the skirt at St. Vinnie's thrift shop - just the right size! The stoney-pebbley print was irresistible. I wore it with white tights in the morning, which looked about the same as my white legs. By afternoon, it was hot so I ditched the tights.

The shoes were previously seen here. The top is just a basic tee from Kohl's.

Now to the stones of Eugene. Downtown Eugene has a lot of mid-century architecture, and very few old buildings.

There used to be some lovely old architecture, but it wasn't cool to have old buildings in the 1960s, so some were razed and some were adapted.

And in case you're wondering, Eugene was named for its founder (circa 1850) and first postmaster, Eugene Skinner. Eugene is an odd name for a city, but it's better than the original moniker of Skinner's Mudhole, which I'm guessing was dreamed up in a saloon.

This was taken about a month ago - all the trees have leaves now, lots of leaves.

Now for an added bonus and another stitch in the thematic jacket that is trying to hold this post together, here are some photos of Venice, taken in 1989.

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Ciao, amici!



  1. I love stones and I love your skirt and your photos and I always love your writing and of course your cohesion. Lovely cohesion! I have never been stoned in any sense of the term. Eugene is a really attractive city and I hope I can visit it again one day. I was there in the eighties on my honeymoon. I must say, Venice looks rather appealing too!
    Ruskin- I have always meant to read him. A bit of an odd character according to what I have read about him.
    Have a lovely weekend, Val!

  2. Adorable skirt. But I am distracted by the kittehs!

  3. LOL on the Skinner's Mudhole...seriously, Eugene is much too pretty to be called a mudhole.

  4. So, we're getting stoned with Val! Pretty skirt, the red pebbles make it extra special, and I enjoyed your photos of your home city. I would love to go to Venice, it looks so beautiful, and the light on your photos is gorgeous.
    Does anyone read poor old impotent Ruskin anymore? He founded a museum in Sheffield, and a Ruskin Gallery still exists here containing the original collection. xxx

  5. Love the skirt and the gorgeous kitties.

  6. Okay, those kittens are creeping me out. But the shots of the canals are making me nostalgic; my sister and I always swore we'd go back but with kids and jobs and mortgages, that vow doesn't look anywhere near being accomplished. :(

    The skirt is bee-yoo-ti-ful! I love how the random red stones add that visual pop.

  7. I love Eugene. My sister went to school there and it is just as pretty as Venice and almost as pretty as Val in dots. Oh damn. Ruskin. Yet another author I haven't read. I'll just read your blog instead. Far more enjoyable I'm sure!

  8. What a beautiful post, and very fun skirt! Love those dots! Your town looks very interesting. I think one of Justin's coworkers is originally from Eugene and attended an art school there.

    Ruskin was on a must-read list at the university, so I probably read at least something, but I honestly forgot. But Venice is definitely on my must-visit list of places, and I am sure I would never forget the visit. :)

  9. I like your stones skirt Val, and good work keeping the theme going in this post.

  10. Those kitties are starting right at us! Love these pics, and of course the stoned skirt. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xox.

  11. Great photos Val! And great skirt. I thrifted one in similar colours a few weeks ago, but instead of stones, mine has bricks!

  12. Lovely skirt! The pattern is great but so is the color combo. Eugene isn't that far from me, but I've never been. I'd like to. I really enjoy Mid-Century architecture, although it's sad to think even older buildings were razed to make room for them.

  13. Venice looks so beautiful, I like to think it's a calm and serene place because of the impact of the water - Eugene is wonderful, the 60's were a bizarre time regarding buildings, I'm glad the Council finally got rid of the loathsome 60's office buildings outside our city train station though (they were vile) your pebble skirt is fab, the occasional red pebble makes a great impact! x x x

  14. The title of your post has a different meaning here in Colorado! However, you theme makes perfect sense to me. I can see why you found the 'stoney' print irresistible; it looks great on you. I loved the tour of Eugene and the photos of Venice.

  15. Hi Val!

    How are you doing? I'm doing much better these days,still have symptoms but not as intense but i still get tired very quickly - i need naps still
    I'm still home got another extension until June 15

    Nice to see your town a bit, i was wondering how it looked like - The skirt is very pretty, the design is fresh, young, very cute -

    I'm not crazy about mid century architecture, we have some here and there, not my fav era unless its clothes of that period -

    I went to Venice 2x, the last time in 1985, i was pregnant with my son. I remember the Italian males flirting with me even tough i was 6 months pregnant!

    I loved Venice one of my fav cities around the world

    I might post today - I did the first step, editiing a few pics - The doc told me to challenge myself a bit but not too much - I might post once a week -

    Take care


  16. I'm loving seeing more of Eugene (and yes, the name is a vast improvement on the original). The mid century architecture is wonderful, a much maligned era and often flattened here.
    The cats in Venice are gorgeous and I love the print on your skirt. x

  17. chic skirt!
    would wear it with the in progress kimono jacket!!! and red shoes!
    we will visit venice soon - i´m sooo excited!

  18. What great photos! I can see why you decided to tie them in with pics of that cool skirt. Who says bargains and basics have to look boring? ;-)


  19. Perfect! I got it! (Gotta tell you, I've been feeling a bit mentally vague all morning, and I gotta tell you, the pun made me wake up just a little!) And you KNOW I love this skirt. Grand print, cool with the tee, and I will, of course, need to see it just the way you have it now but with little strappy- kitteny heels for the dog days coming soon! Or not, but you look lovely just the way it is.
    Did I ever tell you that Dan lived out Hwy 58 on Lost Creek road, outside Dexter? He raised dairy goats out there. Tiny world, huh?

  20. the skirt looks really cool. I'm really jealous of you going out tightless. I don't think that's going happen here this year at all...
    Love all the details you picked from Eugene. I love travelling through other people's blogs!


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