Saturday, May 24, 2014

Oops, I did it again

Remember last month when I posted pictures of my nephew-in-law Kenji when we had a family get-together (Easter)? Well, here are some more photos of my nephew-in-law Kenji at another family get-together (Mother's Day).

I was trying to crowd in on his hipness then, too.

His vest, which his mother sent him from Japan, has a striped back and striped lining in the pockets. The label actually says "University of Oxford." Maybe they're branching out to make some extra money?

Remember in my last post when I was wearing a red dress? Here I am wearing another red dress. I bought both dresses the same day at the thrift store, so I'm linking up - again - to Secondhand First at Citizen Rosebud. I'm just going around in circles here!

Since the dress is red, I'm also linking up with Share-in-Style: Red at Mis Papelicos.

I wore the leopard-print cardi to work twice that week, and then again on the weekend. Madness!

Remember when I told you about my blogger meet-up in my last post? I'm on my way to another one!

It's just like Groundhog Day, lasting all week.



  1. Your nephew is quite the stylish guy! Love his mustard yellow trousers too. And red + leopard = Match Made In Heaven.

  2. Looking gorgeous, both of you! Asian guys are the most stylish, in my humble opinion. xxx

  3. Your nephew is indeed very stylish and I love the colours he wears! You are stylish too and you look great. I'm glad there is a photo that shows more than half of you!

  4. Groundhog Day indeed! Still, I love how even "recycling" feels fresh when you do it, Val! And yes, your nephew is uber stylish - then again, I'm biased for all things Japanese (remind me to tell you sometime about my anime obsessions).

    So jealous that you get to see Anne; does that mean she's on her way home to me soon?

  5. You look divine Val, so so chic. Nice to meet you and your nephew in law:-)
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook
    International giveaway: win a sparkle made in Italy

  6. Kenji is one hjp dude. Love his yellow trousers and you can't beat a bit of red, always makes me feel cheerful anyways.

  7. You two are looking ever so stylish! Kenji is one cool young man and you are one cool gal too.

    blue hue wonderland

  8. Kenji is so dapper! His hipness is definitely rubbing off on you!

  9. What a lovely stylish reality loop to be stuck in! Two red dresses and leopard print cardi...what's not to love :-) I'm loving that stripey lining and back on the vest. I might have to borrow the idea!

  10. Ooooh looking very hip and cool Val, red and leopard print are a great combination. Hope you had fun at the blogger meetup.

  11. Kenji certainly has great style. And so do you, Val - can't go wrong with red and leopard print!
    Another meet-up? How exciting! xxx

  12. Thank you dear Val for being part of Share-in-Style.
    You are fabuloussssssssssssss

  13. Visiting from Secondhandfirst. Had a heck of a time finding your new blog - the web crawlers won't add it on my Feedly. I'll give it another go ...


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