Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Forwards and Backwards, maybe Sideways

Thank you for all your comments the last few weeks – well, all the time actually! I've enjoyed sharing some of my past exploits and reading about yours. I'll share more adventures in the future, but I can't tell you everything – I have to save something for my memoirs.

I've been feeling really inspired and creative lately – the muse is making fondue! I feel myself stretching my mind and thinking outside the box, and I owe a lot of credit to my fellow bloggers. I've mentioned Melanie, who gave me the idea of the paper dolls, and there's also Maricel, who has mentioned artists and authors who have stirred some of my creative juices. (I might even read a vampire novel.) And all you sewists and upcyclers have led me to my current phase of trying to customize my wardrobe. I've also been inspired in this regard by Suzi Click, who I found on Advanced Style, so now I have a big pile of unworn clothes in pretty fabrics that I hope to make into unique, wearable pieces. And Sue Kreitzman is also an amazing inspiration for her clothing and assemblages and use of color.

But at this moment I especially have to thank Anne of Spy Girl for her 52 Pick-me-up challenges. The prompt this week is to wear something back to front, and this has led me to wear an old dress in a new way.

I know, right? I love it!

And it was so easy! I bet a lot of you have done this with t-shirts, but have you tried it with anything else?

The dress is from Target, previously seen here and here (the same boots are in the second one, too, but you have to get past my rant to see the outfit). It's polyester so it's easy to wear and pack and wash. I wore it with leggings on the plane to Texas last summer (first link above). The tights are also from Target, and the boots and belt are thrifted.

The back/front puckers a little bit, but I could probably fiddle with the belt to make it look better.

Cowlicks all over my head

 Or just wear a jacket.

This suede jacket (previously seen here, also thrifted) reminds me so much of a similar jacket I had in my early 20s. Same cut, same pigskin suede, slightly different color. When I first bought this one I kept having déjà vu! Do you ever get that?

Come on over to Spy Girl for a pick-me-up!



  1. How perfect. It just keeps getting better! Yeah, I have clothing déjà vu all the time. Either I'm living in a time warp or I've lived long enough to see trends over and over again.

  2. So glad to be an inspiration! This is what 52 Pick-me-up is all about!
    I think we'll have lots of "back interest" as they call it in Fashion Design School.

    By the way, do you live on the coast? Late May meetup?

  3. Yes, like Connie, I think you get to a certain age and you've seen it all (and probably worn it) before.Everything comes back around eventually!
    Oh you crazy fashion types, wearing shoes on your heads and dresses back to front - whatever next?! You see, that high neck would be bothering me something rotten, though you wouldn't know the dress was back to front if you hadn't said (and showed us the back view!) Loving the red tights and suede jacket too. Keep up the creativity, Val! xxx

  4. Looking great, Val! I had a similar idea with dresses. I might just go ahead and try it. :)
    Love your jacket, and yes, I have those moments too. They are so fun! It's like revisiting yourself 10 or 20 years ago. :)

  5. I would've never known you were wearing the dress backwards!!! I love it with the burgundy color.
    I have loads of creative ideas stuffing my head these days!!!

  6. This works perfectly with that dress! I have done the backwards thing with cardigans but other than that all backwardness has been an accident. I did once buy a dress in the thrift shop which had me quit baffled as to which was back and which front. In the end I gave up on the dress as the colours weren't great for me.
    I love how the jacket and tights and your glasses all coordinate. It's a great look!

  7. The inspired becomes the inspiration! I'm getting involved with the 52 pick up on Friday and hadn't quite figured what to do, but now you have given me an idea! your dress looks excellent and is great with the burgundy x x x

  8. I love to see Spy Girl's challenges too. She comes up with such whimsical ideas and I love this one! Your dress actually looks like it's supposed to be worn that way and I love your beautiful suede jacket. Aaah I love the inspiration bloggers share with the world. xoxo

  9. I have at least one dress that I wear both frontwards and backwards - this one looks great on you! The neckline is key!

    I was having deja vu all over the place at the thrift store this past weekend - I saw 3 pairs of shoes that I have or had, a skirt that I own, a blouse I just was bizarre! However, if I'd seen a burgundy blazer that stunning, I'd have snapped it up. Great outfit, Val!

  10. Comment go bye-bye! Silly Blogger. Hates me.

    Was saying how your pics have rendered me speechless. I love the dress and the tights and the boots. And let's not forget your fabulously fierce figure. You are simply stunning, m'dear. This has got to be my favorite outfit of yours to date. Brava!

    Also thanks for the shout-out. Always happy to hear that I've inspired people to read. I think it' my calling. :D

    1. P.S. I meant "it's". I'm an awful typist!

      P.P.S. Come check out my post for today. No obligation to do anything; just know you're appreciated!

  11. Hi! Oh yes, I frequently wear dresses and tops backwards, esp my rainbow vintage dress! Thus one looks cool!!! X

  12. I have never worn anything backwards and was bowing out of the challenge...but maybe now that I see this maybe I have something that'll work.

    I love the colour combo. I would wear this whole outfit. Nice job!


  13. Cool Val, you are looking super! What a good idea to reverse this dress and I like the tights. You are look creative and inspired.

    blue hue wonderland

  14. Great dress! I have one that is really similar, except it has a boat neck.

  15. You can rock the high neckline! If you hadn't mentioned it, I'd have thought the dress was designed that way. I think your color tights and the height of your are perfect; flaunt your calves!

  16. Well, the dress looks fantastic back to front! A good way to way to wear it when it's still chilly out! Off to check out your links!

  17. You're so slim and cute like a little pixie! If I could wear my clothes backwards I'd have a whole new wardrobe but I've got to have somewhere to put my massive melons so that just wouldn't work for me. Sad face!

  18. who knew you could wear a dress form back to front and still look like it is right?
    looking forward to seeing the results of all the inspo!

  19. WOW soo AMAZING :) you have such good taste

    Check out my new post....How to decorate your home with cute fabrics :)

    I wish you a great week dear

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis - inredning it's, Swedish for decor :)


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