Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Doc Marten Dilemma

Did you see Patti's post about wanting to buy Doc Marten's but holding back? I said I wanted some, too, and asked what we're waiting for. So now I guess I'm some kind of shoe pusher, because I think Patti is about to buy her dream 1460s. And she published a picture of us with our skirts in the air.

All very tasteful, of course.

From Patti's post - not sure where she got it.

Well, here's my story. I saw these Doc Marten Evans at a very well stocked local shoe store.


I didn't buy them that day, and when I went back with a hankering in my heart, I didn't see them. I ended up buying some red Dexter loafers (seen here) and some cherry Tom's wedges (seen in this post and here).

As I was leaving the store I saw the Docs - they had been moved to another place! Damn! But I'd just bought two other pairs of shoes, and one of them was a cherry color, so I thought I was cool.

I've also done some additional shopping - everything in this outfit is new within the last few weeks - the Tom's wedges, the skirt (resale), the top and scarf (JCP on sale), and the jacket (thrifted).

Here are some close-ups of the jacket, which is very sleek and trim. I assume it's wool, but most of the tags are gone. I'm not sure how much I love it, but I'll see how it goes.

Harve Benard, by Benard Holzman. The color is deep purple, like the picture above

Anyway, since I've been buying a lot lately - even though everything was either on sale, resale, or thrifted - I sort of feel guilty about running out to buy some Docs just because Patti said I could.

And with our weather right now I'd just as soon stay home.

So for now, my Doc dreams on are hold. If I do buy some I want to try them on and buy local, so I'll wait until I can visit Shoe-A-Holic again and see if they still have some of those dotted Evans - but maybe in blue instead!

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And I'll be heading over to Patti's for Visible Monday. I can't wait to see if she bought her Docs!

Have you got a dream purchase you're holding back on?



  1. Ooh, love those icy close-up photos.
    Well, I don't think a couple of shoe purchases should necessarily preclude Doc shopping; if you can afford them, and you'll wear them loads, then it's fine. But I know what you mean, I do that "I've had my shopping quotient for this week/month now" thing. The cherry red wedges are a great colour and matchy-match your top perfectly, and the jacket is an excellent fit.
    I don't have any dream items, not ones I could just go to a regular shop/website and buy straight off the peg. Would I love to stumble across some fabulous vintage piece accidentally? Of course - but I will only know it when I see it, I don't have a mental shopping list. I had been longing to find some tan knee length boots, but I didn't have any particular brand or style in mind, and would have bought secondhand if I had ever seen any. Sadly I didn't, so Clarks' sale it was!
    Stay warm, Val! xxxx

  2. Oooh, they're purty! I know what you mean about the guilt. I was all virtuous during the sales and in January, I've gone mad and bought loads!!!!!! x

  3. Val, you shoe pusher! Lol
    I have been musing over patti's post too and i commented that my closet is just too crowded now for another purchase.
    But in the bigger picture--i am just counting the days till we can move to a warmer climate! And what are we waiting for? The magic numbers of retirement. And so I pine it snows...again..

  4. Ummmm no! LOL I never hold back, well almost never. I don't often buy much over $100.

    I need to start pulling back though. That is why I try not to go out shopping often. Last week my girlfriend and I got together and it was mad. Especially since I hadn't been out in maybe a couple of months with her. We shopped, drank, ate, spent the afternoon at the spa and even went to a play. Best girls day ever. Now she is coming over tomorrow and we are hitting the consignment stores. Crap. I need to regain some control this time. Do they make chastity belts for wallets???

    Those boots are super fab-tastic! You have so much more control than I.

    I love that floral scarf. Hard to get a good look at the shoes.

    And your weather? Yep it sucks. I need to post photos of our mountain of snow. Think of the North Pole without the fun stuff like Santa, reindeer and elves and you have our weather.


  5. ohh, I experimented my own 'Doc Martens dilemma'!, I was refusing to buy the boots I Love for months, because I own too many boots and shoes and blablabla. Now I'm wearing them a lot, and thinking they were a very good purchase!
    besos & boots

  6. Like you, I'm jonesing for a pair of Docs - my Union Jack ones. Do I need them? Nope. Would I wear them loads if I got them? Not really? Have I been dreaming about them non-stop since I won that Zappos voucher? Yeppers. But thing is, I'd pay just as much as the voucher out of pocket, they're that dear. I think we're in the same boat, so I'm gonna pull the trigger on mine when you report that you've got yours. Deal? ;p

    1. Ha! I was going to wait and see what Patti does!

  7. buy them them!!!! I'm not encouraging you or anything like that!!!
    I love the outfit and would like to see a close-up of those red shoes you are wearing!

  8. The top and scarf are such gorgeous colors on you Val! I agree...go get the shoes!!

  9. You got some pretty fine shoes there, in lieu of the Docs! But don't let that hold you back, my friend. Paying "bills" is so dull, let's get boots. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, you rock. xox

  10. I bought some awesome shoes a few weeks ago and I am officially blaming you and Patti in hindsight. I just KNEW someone else made me do it.
    Your lieu-of shoes are great, both pairs. The docs will still be around next time you need to medicate - we need things to look forward to. I don't have any dream purchases in mind clothing wise.
    Your scarf is awesome! And the outfit looks great, jacket on and off. And whatever you do, don't go outside!! It's too dang cold!

  11. Great buys Val! ooo those cherry docs in the picture look very cute! I am planning on getting some myself :) hugs! Beata xxx

  12. I wanna black pair and a brown pair of lace up granny boots.... but I'm broke! AND cheap!

  13. Beautiful outfit! I especially love the purple jacket and pink booties :)

  14. Ooh, I like the selections you bought and the Docs that you're eyeing! I don't know if these are limited edition or not, but I approve of keeping an eye on them.

  15. A dream purchase...does a house count? And wow, nasty weather you're having right now. I said that out loud, and my husband googled your fine town and, yep, the weather outside is frightful. Hmmmm...will we get it here, I wonder? There were a few tiny flakes earlier, but really nothing.

    I seems as though your personal style is changing somewhat...or maybe it's because it's winter, I don't know. But, I DO love what I see...classic,but always with a hint of humour!

  16. Shoes shopping... always fun, you chose well. Your oufit looks lovely, great scarf. Keep warm.

  17. First let me say that I enjoyed, and could relate to both yours and Patti's posts about Doc Marten boots. (Surprise...I have a pair, on the same lines as you both pictured.) Sorry you missed yours in the store, but you did end up with those cute and colorful Tom's, which is cool!
    I'm afraid that I don't hold back often enough. I do wait for sales sometimes, but if it's GREAT, I usually buy my recent outfit for Puerto Vallarta. You are so right...I can't even figure out what to take, so I got something new? I'm a junkie and I admit it! P.S. Killer scarf!!!

  18. I love those Docs, i never saw them in the Doc Martens store, i should have a look soon!
    One of my dream items is a black motorcycle jacket - Got a birthday coming up, hummm....
    I love your outfit Val! You are as slim as a model in that outfit, looking good , very good!
    How is the hair coming along? looks good to me

    Take care


  19. Darling Val. Never feel guilty about buying shoes. You need shoes. Has it every occurred to you that the shoes might need you? How must they feel, watching you walk away? And they must have seen you buy the other shoes. Waaaaaa. And it looks like your fantasy Docs are just what you need with that weather! I've said enough...
    Lovely jacket. Beautiful on you. That dusty purple is a wonder.

  20. I adore my Docs - you need a pair! They are wonderful to walk in.

  21. Those DMs are sooo dreamy! I want them too!
    I have quite a few pairs of DMs myself and I used to live in them in my teens - I was a punk rocker wannabe, you see?

  22. There are 2 pairs of Docs in this house! 2! and 1 pair are a midi iridescent pair! and they belong to my eldest, I have asked if I can borrow them, no answer and I have snooped, cannot find them pah! anyhoo the dotty docs are fab! I do like your outfit and the cherry booties too and the snowy pics are amazing x x x

  23. With many kind of boots I have the problem that I can hardly resist. Although I have definitly enough. The dotted Docs are fantastic but your berry colored booties are also a good option. Particularly with the top of the same color and the beautiful scarf they look cute.
    I love the pic of your icy gargoyle - it looks as if it has fun in the snow.

  24. Echoing the doc love. All mine have been ebayed, but I'm a straight size 6 (or men's 4) so it's easy to buy for me.

    My only hold outs are saving up for my tattoos. I've got the rest planned, it's just a matter of saving up and getting them done!

  25. Oh, I love your wedges!!!! And your outfit is fantastic, the scarf and the top are lovely.
    Thank you so much for linking with Très Chic Style Bits


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