Sunday, February 23, 2014

Of Love and Happiness

First of all, thank you to those who commented on my last post and recommended that I jump to the end of my book, or look online. I did go online to read a synopsis of the book - it was very poorly received, by the way, no surprise there. The big secret that was going to change everyone's lives was - are you ready for this? - artificial insemination!!! That was it. Glad I didn't waste any more time on the book just to find out how unsurprising the secret was. Ho hum.

Now, February is not only the month that holds Valentine's Day, it's also the month of my wedding anniversary. Eighteen years ago on the morning of our wedding day, Mr. S woke up next to me in my parents' house (shocking!) and whispered, "Help!"

To celebrate his entrapment, we went out for a nice dinner on Saturday night. This is what I wore.

I just realized I hadn't put lipstick on yet!

Yes, it's basically my Magical Mystery Tour outfit with a few slight changes. So let me show you something new.


The embellishments on the lapel of my Guess coat include button flowers from Megan Mae, a small brooch that belonged to my dad's Aunt Dagmar, and a button of the Eiffel Tower I bought at the Brownsville Art Association last fall.

We went to a little bistro to have some yummy pizza (smoked duck) and ravioli, and listen to music.

Emily Jensen and Tim McLaughlin

We weren't that drunk - honest, Officer.

I'll be linking up with Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style. Come join us to feel the love, or just listen to the reverend.

Love and happiness, baby.



  1. Hellooooo there! Congratulations to you and Mr Sparkle!!! Shocking indeed! My now husband turned up on the morning of our wedding to my house (my family had arrived) because he discovered he'd left his cello at my house and needed it for the wedding service (he played for the pre-service music). My sister was like, "What are YOU doing here?!!?!"
    Love the brooches by the way! How super!x

  2. Happy Anniversary to you both! Your bistro date sounds just right! I love your brooches!

  3. La, lady! Those brooches are the thing! Thanks for giving me yet another idea to implement a much-ignored accessory. My brain, she is a-buzzing!

    Congrats on your anniversary. You guys look as happy and in love as I'm sure you were 18 years ago. It's my 16th this August, so I'm right there with ya.

  4. Congrats!

    So glad you didn't waste anymore of your valuable time on that ho-hum book.

    The cluster of brooches is lovely. Really spices up the coat and adds some colour and artsy attitude.


  5. Happy Anniversary! We celebrate our 19th next month. Love you MMT outfit.

  6. Congratulations to you two! Love the brooch cluster on your coat. And the "help" story. On our wedding day, 12 years ago, my father offered my husband an unlimited credit card to just "run fast and run far." I *think* he was kidding . . . Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday. xo

  7. I love a good Magical Mystery Tour look...anything Beatles and it works for me...actually, I really like your brooches and buttons...a fun touch for a fun evening! Happy Anniversary!

  8. Soul Train was the food of my youth. Congratulations on 18 years of mutual entrapment. Happy days! Always aided by duck pizza, booze, and music. Marriage is like a magical mystery tour but you should have ordered shrooms on your pizza to experience the true trippiness of it. You look dressed for the Occasion, love the button pins and Eiffel Tower. I

  9. Happy anniversary, Val! I'll tell you a secret: I always read the last few pages of a book! Love your bouquet of buttonflowers.

  10. Happy Anniversary , always worth celebrating well, so glad you did. The brooches tell their own story.

  11. Oooh Congratulations! Happy Anniversary to you both! the brooches are beautiful and an evening of food, music and drink? blooming perfect x x x

  12. Happy Anniversary Val! Eighteen years is impressive and a tribute to your relationship. Your new coat is fab with the cool pins. Guess makes great coats.

    blue hue wonderland

  13. Hello Val!
    Happy anniversary!

    You made me laugh about how you felt the morning after you got married, hahaha! i felt the same way when i married the first time, help!! but i'm sure i will not feel that way second time
    around -

    I love the brooches! Duck pizza, yum!

    Take care


  14. Love your button flowers! They always make me happy. Megan Mae?

    1. I don't know why I'm unknown to Google...I'm sewwhat or Janky

  15. Happy Anniversary, Val and Mr. S. And many more! How lovely to celebrate with Megan Mae's button flowers. Much love and happiness!

  16. Happy anniversary to you and the Mr, Val! That sounds like a great night out, and your coat looks lovely with the addition of a cluster of brooches. xxx

  17. Awwwwh! Happy Anniversary, darling Val, and please extend it to your contractually attached main squeeze, as well! Good to see you had a lovely time. I was just at Charlotte's site where she announced her engagement, a midlife adventure started. Us too ... Dan and I will celebrate 20 years married, 24 together this year.
    You look wonderful. I admire your brooch cluster ... perfect with your coat, and your Magical Mystery Tour outfit still works a treat underneath!

  18. Happy anniversary Val!!!
    I love your outfit--you look rather chic!!

  19. Happy Anniversary!!! You look so very harmonious and handsome together! And the embellishment looks like medals for your long marriage! :) :) :) I love your jacket, and you look so wonderful in it!

  20. Happy February Anniversary! I'm liking your little entrapment story...looks like things worked out beautifully! I have to say that I like both of your outfits very much. Once stylish, always stylish, yes?

  21. The brooch arrangement is inspired! Love it. Loving the new look of the new blog. Thanks so much for sharing. xxx

  22. I like look... Blog-Bastoni di fashion


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