Thursday, January 30, 2014

Google Friend Connect - connected!

After getting comments from people who still use Google Friend Connect to read blogs, I did a little checking. It seems Google, in their infinite wisdom, no longer put the widget in their list of gadgets for Blogger. Maybe that says something about their future plans...

But there are so many clever people on the web, and they contribute to forums, and they figure out the code so I don't have to!
In my sidebar I've now got a gadget for GFC. It doesn't have the usual graphic, but it's clearly labeled. And it works! Thanks, Sheila, for testing it!



  1. Thank you again, Val! It's great not to lose touch with one of my favourite bloggers, especially when it seems like so many are fading away over the last year, or just not posting as much.

  2. I am still able to follow you via GFC. I add you to my reading list in my dashboard. To be able to follow all my favorite blogs with the mobile phone I also use Bloglovin. So no chance to loose touch.

  3. Yay! I joined you here with email but doesn't seem to be working, so I am happy I can friend connect. I suspect that dance line is a sign of things to come over here... I love your new space.

  4. Oooh lovely new blog Val! I've popped you on my blog roll already:). Hugs, D xo

  5. They are getting rid of GFC, I think.
    PS: this is where the name of my blog came from-
    It was an office joke for a while and when I sat down to think about something, it was the first thing that came to mind :)

  6. It looks like the hokey=pokey really is what its all about.


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