This blog is a creative outlet for me, visually and in words. I dabble at crafts, photography and sewing, so a blog is a good place to show off. Also, I enjoy writing and trying to be funny. I like to put the "ugh" in "laughter"! 

Above all, I enjoy the community of women I've met through blogging. They help me face the stresses of work, the passing of years, and the new wrinkles and hot flashes. They are my muses, my teachers and my friends.

A few random facts about me:
  • I am not into religion, gardening, cooking, sports or Dr. Who.
  • I've lived in Oregon, Washington and England, and am back in Oregon - for now.
  • My favorite places are the beach, art museums and historic buildings, coffee shops with exposed brick walls, Seattle and bed.
  • I'm not afraid of semicolons. Snakes are another matter.
  • Numbers, letters and colors all have genders in my mind.
  • I have never seen "The Godfather."


  1. Val, you are the Best Woman. I love your "ugh" - thank you for it always. You'd think if wrinkles were New that we could return them for not looking their best. Hugs from your faithful follower.

  2. Okay, I give up....who's 'Mom'?
    We do have a lot in common. I lived in England for ten years.
    AND I have never seen "The Godfather." Just a couple more things to add to the woo-woo.
    I like your blog.


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