Saturday, February 18, 2017

What the Hay?

(Has it really been a month since my last blog post?)

(Yes, Val, it really has. You've just been too busy with your smarty-pants-phone and Insta-booyah-gram to notice anyone else.
Sniff, sniff.)

My egotistical Id has just informed me that I've been neglecting my blog, so let's have a little wrap-up of me and my life. It's been an eventful - some might even say crazy - month in the world, but in my little corner of Wales the sun always shines and there's no heavy traffic. Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, lambs are gambolling and the coffee is always delicious!

Roberts Coffi Siop in Dolgellau

It's not always perfect here, but even if you're standing in a graveyard with a cold wind clutching at your throat, the views are incredible!

I made plans to go to Hay-on-Wye to meet someone from Instagram, and that expanded to include more people from Instagram as well as from a book arts group. I didn't have any calling cards - and I wanted to impress everyone - so I finally got around to making some Artist Trading Cards (ATCs). Ta da!

I used cut-outs of old family photos (scanned and printed). And then I decided to make some little books.

The one at the front has thumbnails from the back of a calendar.

And then I went to Hay-on-Wye and met these cool people!!

That's Kelly on the right, another American in Wales (on IG and fedoras.and.pearls). On the left is Anne, co-owner of Addyman Books (@addymanbooks), a fantastic shop on many levels with nooks, crannies, steampunk stair rails, and so many books I couldn't even begin to browse (too much chatting!).

miniature books - squeeeeee! 

So, life is SWEET, as long as I don't watch the news.

in Chester

Well, that's probably enough for now, don't you think? Here's one last one from a recent walk near home.



  1. Would you look at that scenery! Superb photo of tree and rusty gate and
    Ace ATC's. I especially like the one featuring the Space Needle, since my folks liked in Seattle for a while. How d'you do all that computer whizzy stuff? I wouldn't have a clue.

  2. YAY! I LOVE seeing all these photos in a tidy little blog post! An enormous thank you for indulging me Val! I'm trying IG and it seems a great way to keep up with...Oh, I dunno, friends that have been neglecting their blogs? It may just be me trying to get a handle on Instagram, but I'm not yet finding it to be very 'social', unless I already know the person.

  3. Yay, I love it when you post!! So envious you are in wonderful Hay!!! I love that place most dearly!!! Your ATCs are genius! You are super clever!!!

  4. I adore your trading cards and mini books. So happy to see you are thoroughly enjoying yourself in your new home. It suits you well.


  5. So love your posts! Your cards are just beautiful, and all the fabulous pictures of Wales and surrounds are breathtaking. Isn't Hay an interesting place? You should try to make it to the Hay Festival - it looks like great fun! And IG is almost too-easy, isn't it. ;-) jen

  6. I too have been neglecting my blog for the siren call of the Instagram! Your little corner of Wales looks just lovely, and I enjoy seeing your photos, whether on IG or the blog. Your trading cards are beautiful - it looks like you are settling in nicely across the pond.

  7. I see ya on Instagram but I was surely wondering where you went in bloggy land. Here you are! HI!

  8. Oh yeah. Blogs. I remember those. I'm enjoying Instagram so much that I forgot that a person can actually put one of these things together and they are actually quite enjoyable to read. Gosh. I just love seeing where you live. It's like storyland.

  9. Such a gorgeous place you lie in, Val. Glad you are settling in and gawd, isn't nice to have a good coffee shop?!

  10. Not to mention a fabulous book store nearby. And wee books....swoon.....

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