Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Hello there! How have you been? Have you done something different with your hair?

What am I up to? Oh, the usual. Getting to know my new corner of the world, going on outings, walks and bike rides...

Spending time with granddaughters...

standing on Granddad's head

Getting glue on my fingers and playing with dolls.

Annie Hall


I made this paper doll and her wardrobe for lovely blogging buddy Connie at Snow in the Air.

It's a little Connie with a Dottie Angel dress and jeans and tunics.

Oh, yeah, and I'm binge-watching on Netflix like there's no tomorrow. I feel like I'm a part of the 21st century now  - Netflix, a smartphone, Instagram, and a new laptop!

But I try not to get completely wrapped up in all that technology.



  1. Oh it sounds delightful! Truly beautiful scenery! I LOVE Grandad's head being stood on- mwa ha!!

  2. Hey Val! Nice to see you up and running. Looks beautiful where you are.
    We may be taking a trip to Scotland in 2017....maybe we can meet somewhere....

  3. Hey, Val, Love your new hair! Heh. That photo of granddaughter on granddad's head is priceless. You must be getting in excellent shape, all that hiking and rambling and poking around. And your lungs must be like new too. Plus, you are totally wired so you can veg out after all that healthy lifestyle. Whew.
    Your dolls are simply wonderful and I love the one of Connie. You make the best little worlds.

  4. Connie's hair is the best! She's not nekkid, I hope.

    I'm enjoying your catch up posts, your paper dolls and that magic photography!

  5. Hope you are liking what you find in your new corner! Grandad looks as though he is humouring you....great pic. Your dolls are brilliant, well done on that fiddly cutting out.

  6. I've been enjoying your IG feed and seeing what you new corner of the world looks like. The dolls are marvelous - you are wonderfully creative.

  7. What a lovely post, thank you so much for sharing X

  8. The paper doll set is brilliant. What a friend you are.

  9. Gawd! It takes me forever to get back to Les Bloggues. And here is little paper me being featured in my birthday suit. Gosh. I am actually trying to recreate in real life the outfits you've designed in paper. You're my stylist!!!


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