Thursday, August 4, 2016

The Phone Booth

Now for something completely different -

Here's a mini-story I wrote a few months ago while I still lived in the States. In the UK I should probably say The Phone Box (especially with this photo).

She hurried into the phone booth and exhaled. With the door closed, she was alone. It was quiet. No one else was breathing the air. She felt invisible, just like she felt in the car wash. Alone for a moment, away from the friction of other humans, away from everything that can go wrong.

But she wouldn't be going to the car wash anymore. Her car had just been wrecked. She had run from it and into the phone booth without even looking at the other car - and people - she had smashed into.

It had been bad. 

How long did she have before someone came looking for her?

She just couldn't take one more thing! It was impossible that so much had been dumped on her in the last few weeks - betrayal, abandonment, theft.

Liars, cheats, bastards! She had tried to be good, she tried to do the right thing, she worked hard, she was polite. And people just shit on her, no thought for how their actions affected her. Selfish!

Tears never left her eyes. She couldn't see beyond one minute.

Now she could hear the sirens. She screamed out loud and stomped her feet. She hit the sides of the phone booth and wailed. She cursed and swore and cried as she thought about how her life had slipped out of her control.

She opened the door of the phone booth and walked toward the police car.


  1. Wow, that's awesome, Val! I used to be part of the Victoria Writers' Society here (I'm a past-president, and gave workshops on writing poetry), and we called these little "slice of life" stories Postcard Stories (because they fit on the back of a postcard). I can totally see this - very vivid! Well done!

    1. Thanks, Sheila! Postcard stories is a good description. I like writing in short form. I guess that's why I blog rather than writing a book.

  2. Are there still phone booths in the US? I like this "postcard" very much. Keep it up!

  3. You have a talent there Val, you've got me wondering what on earth she could have done. Guess we'll never know.

  4. Love the unknowns in this story! xo


  5. I was waiting for the twist where she passes gas in the booth and deeply regrets it...

  6. Wow!!! That was dramatic! Loveod it!

  7. Val, EXCELLENT story!! I loved the spinning-out-of-control anxiety. It was so very clear. It's complete unto itself although it leaves me with anxiety not knowing which slammer she was sent to. !!! Aaagh, angst. Angst. Well done.


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