Thursday, August 18, 2016

Driving Miss Llygad y Dydd

I am becoming such a little old lady. I don't like driving anymore. I sit in the passenger's seat with my handbag on my lap, my hands folded on top, and I tell my driver to slow down, for goodness sakes! I swat him with my fan for good measure.

Of course, it's partly because I'm used to driving on the right side of the road, and I moved to a country where they drive on the WRONG side.

But what really makes me cringe is how narrow the roads are! When I learned to drive, I was taught to leave about a foot between my car and other cars. When I mentioned that to a British woman, she said they generally just left room 'for a piece of paper' between cars! And people drive faster here, on those narrow roads. It's enough to make your sphincter both tighten and loosen when a looming lorry is speeding towards you on a two-lane road that is enclosed by hedges or stone walls.

Then there are the single-lane secondary roads, especially here in Wales where it's not very busy.

You hope you're near a wide spot when you meet a tractor whizzing between fields.

I've been letting Mr. S do most of the driving, but I also force myself to keep in practice. I mean, what is wrong with me? When I lived in the UK before, I drove all the time. I could squeeze through traffic, and I only knocked a mirror off once. Now I am such an old woman.

Speaking of old women, we went to a car boot sale (swap meet/tailgate sale/whatever you want to call it) at a little local church. There were several mature women selling baked goods. Look what we got.

That's right - Apricot Whisky Cake. It was delicious!

Old ladies rock!!



  1. I am so scared of those Welsh narrow roads-we almost ended up in a ditch once! yay for you for your (gross-sounding- ha- we all know my strong opinions about cake!!!!) cake!!!!

  2. Old ladies do rock. And so does whiskey cake. My English grandmother was very fond of boozy cakes and I have inherited that gene. Scrummy. I am terrified of driving in the UK and those roads give me major anxiety. I once rented a car in London, got stuck in a roundabout and side swiped a double decker bus. When I turned in the car I was terrified that they would charge me a mint for the red streak along the door but the leasing agent said not to worry. It happens all the time. Wot???? I have my fingers crossed for you.

  3. Every old lady needs a bit of whisky cake when trying to drive in the UK.

    When I lived there I would sometimes get mixed up when going into a roundabout if I was alone. Once I had to sit there and wait for another car to come along so I could figure out which way I was suppose to go around the circle.


  4. Bore da! I started reading and enjoying your blog a few years ago, but somehow lost you in the blog atmosphere. By chance I found you again, with your post announcing your post to Wales! I am off to Brecon in a couple of weeks to visit family and am a total Welsh-o-phile (is that a word?) and a half-Welsh woman. I promise not to drive there so as to not further endanger your (or anyone's) road time.
    So happy to have found you again and will enjoy hearing of your joys and travails in your new home. jen

  5. Hahaha!! I can see you in the car with the fan. Heh. They do that wrong driving thing in Japan too. ???!!! I never drove there. And I've never been to another wrong-side-driving country to compare but it seems to be just as wrong there. I suppose a good dose of whiskey cake before heading out in the car would calm the nerves. Or maybe you need a tractor. Hahaha!!

    I love your header photo. I remember it well.

  6. Do you keep a fan with you especially for swatting? It seems very British to me :-)

  7. Your post made me laugh Val but I'm sure you'll get used to us driving so close that you can only get a fag paper between vehicles, but in the meantime maybe you need a hip flask in that handbag?. Old ladies are tops at making cakes.

  8. I hate country roads too, I can't believe most of them are the national speed limit!!!!
    So glad to see you're settling in nicely xxx

  9. I'd have a proper panic attack if I attempted to drive over there.


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