Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Not So Insta Gram

I have to get this out of my system. I promise if you let me rant now, I will reward you with pretty pictures, wine and chocolate chip cookies. But first I have to tell you that BT (British Telecom) has still failed to connect our broadband internet service. Hashtag that!


We were told a month ago that there was a fault with the ‘underground line’ to our house, and yes, we were told that the engineers who do that work ‘are very busy’. Since then, Mr. S contacted BT several times and been told lie after lie after lie, some told with Indian accents by people who take ‘personal responsibility’ for making sure this would be sorted out.


Finally, Mr. S contacted our Member of Parliament as well as the chairman of BT. We have been assigned a person who is responding personally, mostly to make excuses. However, as of today we have the landline telephone hooked up! That’s progress!

However, we were told it will take five to seven days to switch the broadband on!*$!#&%!


We use our smartphones to do a reasonable amount of stuff – emails, Instagram, Facebook – and we’ve set one up as a wifi hotspot so we can use our computers in a pinch. That’s a real data drain, though, so I’ve been Instagramming rather than blogging, and my Muse Fondue Facebook page is slumped in the corner like a ventriloquist’s dummy.

But now I’m sacrificing my data ration to bring you – ta da! – pretty pictures from Wales! Almost all of these have not even been on Instagram – they are exclusive to the blog. Don’t you feel special? I hope you enjoy them!

The orangery at Powis Castle

Plunge pool at Powis Castle - looks inviting, no?

View from the orangery
Leighton church doorway with finger (I did it on purpose, natch)

Llanerfyl church doorway

Bishops Castle street

Bishops Castle square

Montgomery Castle ruins and view beyond

And for those of you who also want wine and chocolate chip cookies, send me your address and I’ll, um, put them in the post.



  1. If you read my blog from 3years ago September October, you will see a similar BT-related rant. They are idiots. As are Scottish power who have pissed me off seriously over the last four months. I could rant for an hour if you have time? hope it is sorted ASAP.x

  2. So I have an upcoming post - Where Have All the Bloggers Gone? I have seen quite a few move over to Instagram. Guessing it is quicker and easier than a blog post?! ...
    Now, where's my cookies?

  3. I think I'd move to Wales just to get a polka dot house. Is there anything cooler? I think not...

    Wine please...hold the cookies.

  4. wouu, anything related with telecom companies becomes a nightmare so easily!!, wish you luck with this!!
    anyway, I've been enjoying your pics a lot!, beautiful details (I'm loving particularly that door, isn't it like a hobbit door?)

  5. Oh no... BT, and other phone/internet companies in the U.K. work in mysterious ways, and with a very bizarre timetable. We have a house in Kent, and for 3 years I haven't been able to use my British mobile connection as there's no reception in the house. But my Finnish mobile connection works there just fine. Go figure...

  6. I've been enjoying your photos from Wales on your IG account. I would like a polka dot house too! My blog is updated much less frequently now, but I've become a fan of IG, and am enjoying the immediacy of it immensely.

    Your experience with BT sounds like such a cluster f**k! Hope they get their shit together soon and get you fully online.

  7. Don't get me started about BT! Am currently paying for an answering service that I don't need as I have a machine now, but the thought of phoning them and being connected to someone I can't understand in Delhi or god knows where, fills me with dread, so it's just easier to pay it.
    Hope they get their arses into gear and connect you soon. Love the spotty house. x

  8. Seriously. Do you want to be cooped up inside at a computer when you could be out and about soaking up scenes like this? So beautiful. I love that first photo. I don't need you to send me any cookies but I would love to send you a custom made Dottie Angel frock. Just let me know...

  9. Damned - I knew I was missing a room in my apartment, an orangery!! Hahaha! It's lovely. And ruins every which way you look there. Oh, I sigh with envy.

    BT sounds as screwed up as many businesses here in Canada. You should have come here for training. The key is to get out of the house, as Connie says. You'd best drink the wine and eat the cookies as our postal system is on the brink of striking.

    And I do feel special. I hope by now you are all fixed!!

  10. WTF is that pool pit thingy? Is that one of those holy pools women used to have to wade in after their monthlies back in olden times?

  11. Now I really want a polka dot house!
    Hope you're settling in, despite the BT setbacks xxx

  12. I think our new condo needs an orangery! Wonderful pics, hold your breath till internet connections arrive. xox



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