Saturday, July 16, 2016

Cheap and Cheerful

Thank you all for your kind comments on my last post. I recovered from the horrible bug I had (Brexit bug?), thanks to some down time and a gift from Mr. S.

Chocolate can cure almost anything.
Now, I know you’re all wondering about our new house. 

It’s bright and pleasant, small but adequate, and fulfils that wonderful British phrase 'cheap and cheerful'. We've quickly filled it up with new furniture and other crap that we feel we need to live a modern life. We've been up to our ears in flat-packs, corrugated cardboard and plastic packaging. I hope we’re done now because I’m getting a serious case of stuff-itis – and we don’t have any more room!

We received the boxes we had shipped from the States with the belongings we kept. It’s funny opening them after six weeks, now that we’re in a new environment. Some things I look at and wonder, ‘What the hell was I thinking? Why did I keep that?’ But other things are such a joy to unwrap, and finally make this place feel like home.

Blogger keeps turning this photo sideways - weird.

As you can see up above, we painted one accent wall. Otherwise, we've made things easy by sticking to the 'new-build neutral' colour scheme. Most things we bought in either cream or white, with just a few patterns to shake things up.

I have a nascent craft corner in the garage.

I have a new bicycle with pretty patterns on it.

It's pretty, but it's not exactly top of the line.

The shower, which is so small that I almost can't bend my elbows, shows what the builders thought about following instructions.

Although we're in a rural location, we're in a newish cul-de-sac just off a highway. It's a fish bowl with great views of all the neighbours' cars. 

It's not ideal, but there's only so much you can do when you buy a house online! We’re looking at this as a starter home, so we may have to move all this new furniture and stuff again someday. What fun.

I have surprisingly few local pictures available except on my phone, so if you want scenic shots (it is gorgeous here!), check out my Instagram feed (@musefondue). But here are a couple blog-exclusive pics taken in local towns, and I’ll share some soon of our trip to Powis Castle.

There's so much more I want to photograph, but it seems we're always rushing on our way to somewhere else. And the weather has been mostly horrendous! Hoping for sunshine and a slower pace soon!



  1. I am glad you are getting settled. Your house looks really nice and you have some lovely belongings!!x

  2. It must be difficult for you coming from the vastness of the US to the tiny little UK..with it's shit weather an' all. Your description of the shower made me laugh. Now, one thing that is better over here than in the States is our chocolate.
    (IMHO) Give me Fry's Chocolate Cream or a Walnut Whip any day over Hershey's. Yours look delish btw, me the champagne truffle!

  3. Those European showers are like little torture chambers.

    Glad to hear you're getting settled. All is good with a box of chocolate : )


  4. Yayyyy!! I bought my house sight unseen online also!!!

  5. I think boxing up your belongings and not seeing them for several weeks would be the ideal way to tell what you really love and what can be disposed of. I had a shower like that in one of my previous apartments and I was always hitting my elbows on the side.

  6. You've been busy! How nice to see you all unpacked and comfortable in your new home.

  7. Oh, I missed commenting!
    First, I love your house. It is bright and cheery. A craft corner, a pretty bike, and lovely and quizzical things from home. YOu would have missed those "what was I thinking?" things.

    You're going to love it there. You should do a few life-size shadow plays at night at your big front window to say a BIG HELLO to the neighbours.


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