Friday, July 8, 2016


Would you Adam and Eve it?!*

I move to Britain one week, and the next week they vote to close the borders, more or less! You might say I got here just in time. Or you might say I just moved into a big financial and political hurricane. Or you might say, like me, WTF.

chapel in Llanwydden

So, here I am in Wales. It's very green because it's very wet. I'm using wifi at the library because we still don't have internet/phone/cable hooked up at our house - thanks, BT!

We had a smooth flight over except for the requisite turbulence during meal service. After landing, we hit the ground running - we went to the bank, got a mobile phone, and renewed our driving licences before you could say, 'Please return your seats and tray tables to an upright position'. (UK punctuation and spelling rules apply now.)

That was just the beginning of the fun!

After feeding us and giving us her bed for the night, my stepdaughter, Emma, drove us to our new house out in the Welsh countryside, where we dumped our three huge suitcases. Then we dashed into the nearest town with a good variety of shopping (20+ miles), and we quickly loaded up several shopping trolleys with pillows, duvets, towels, towel rails, broom, mop, dishes, mugs, glasses, kettle, toaster, cleaning supplies, tools, and two patio chairs. We made quite a spectacle, especially when one of the trolleys rolled into the street as we were waiting for Emma to bring the car round! 

Then back to the house just in time to receive our new car so we wouldn't be stuck when Emma departed. An hour later we received our new bed, which turned out to be very comfy. After that, a quick run in the new car to the supermarket (18 miles away) and we were set for the night, eating beans on toast and sitting in our patio chairs.

Then several more days making the rounds of the local towns to get more supplies, pick out furniture, get keys made, join the library and sign up with the health centre. Home again to unpack and find a place for everything in our little house.

nearby tea shop

And the house needed cleaning - it had been either rented or empty for the last five years. (Oh, the dead spiders and flies in the window frames - ugh!)

And then I got sick. Not surprising, really, but I haven't been ill like this in decades - sore throat, fever and aches, lots of sleeping. It's a bit of an extreme way to engineer a rest, but we have furniture and food so I'm taking it easier now. 

Lake Vyrnwy

Until we get fully online, I've been getting used to my smartphone. I'm on Instagram (@musefondue), but for everything else I really prefer a proper keyboard!

Enough for now. I'll have more pictures when it stops raining - someday.


* Cockney rhyming slang for 'Would you believe it?'


  1. Welcome to Blighty Val....blimey, what a time to come, I believe Wales voted unanimously to Brexit. Sounds like you have been dashing around like a greased weasel. After such a momentous move.... no wonder you've been poorly. Take the weight off your plates and relax! Looking forward to seeing more of your home soon. x

  2. beautiful scenery! hope your Amer-exit is a good beginning for you. xo.

  3. You're heeeeeeeeere!!!! Sorry you've been ill and faced much rain. That's v sad. Glad you are getting settled though. Take care of yourself!!!Xx

  4. Woo, you made it, Val! It sounds like a total whirlwind! What an adventure! Gorgeous pictures.

  5. So much happening politically over there right now!! Your move is so exciting. Glad you feel better and I can't wait for more updates :)

  6. WOW! It may be wet in Wales, but there's no moss growing under your feet. You have managed soooo much in such a short period of time!

    Anyways, so happy to hear from you....I've been thinking about you lots. It's weird...we've only known each other in an online sort of you'd think things would feel exactly the same, but it really does feel like you've moved far away...

    You will have lots of new experiences to share with us though, and I look forward to reading about life in Wales through Val's eyes!

    Take good care of yourself. Hope you're feeling better!

  7. Yes, WTF indeed, who saw that coming... But I hope you'll get settled soon and can start your new life. With all that stress it's no wonder your body put on the brakes, that must have been exhausting!

  8. So happy to hear you are set up in your new home!

    No doubt you have gotten sick with the stress and amount of work you've had to do. I'm glad you're on the mend now.

    Cannot wait to read more about your great adventure.


  9. Hi Val - glad to hear the move went well.
    Added you on my Instagram! Feel better soon ~

  10. All this dashing about and shopping and moving and signing-up for things and looking for signals, is it any wonder you got sick? Now that that's over (I hope) you can take long rambles in the bucolic landscape with sheep and Range Rovers and stone fences all over the place and wellies on your feet. Soon you'll be chazzing with the best of them and then having a few pints in Wetherspoons. Hurrah!

    I do feel your move but I'm glad you're still here, just a few keyboard taps away, still doing English. Big hugs, Val!!

  11. I am exhausted thinking about your first day! No wonder your body enforced a rest. That first day behind you, what a wonderful adventure is ahead. Pubs to be explored! and tea shops and charity shops. And pubs! xox

  12. You've certainly arrived at an interesting time! Looking forward to following your adventures.

  13. Yay! I'm late to the party but I'm keeping up with you on Insta and FB. Looking forward to more posts!


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