Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Hey, I made scones!

We're just about to list our house for sale. As I've mentioned before, I will be sad to leave this house - this neighborhood - this town.

But come on, let's get on with it!! I feel like my mind is living in two places at once, and my physical body is now in a place that's "staged" and soon to be thrown open to strangers. We have to keep it CLEAN!

So I took refuge in a new little beach hut.

It helped me maintain some feeling of sanity, although I probably shouldn't have fed glue to the neighbor's dogs. (Kidding, but do they really need to bark so much?)

Hey, I made scones!

 And little tiny knives, and a fake jar of jam, and a little magazine and book.

There are beach towels and blankets for sitting on the sand. And a little parasol in case the sun is too bright.

And a big bottle of wine!

Although I had to go wandering around the house to find the supplies, which have been tidied away in various places, I think this turned out pretty well. Maybe one day I'll have a life-size beach hut to escape to. Fortunately, I can get a life-size bottle wine right now!



  1. Amazing've even got Bonne Maman jam to accompany your scones!
    You do 'fiddly' so well. x

  2. Oh my goodness, that is utterly adorable!!!!! You are so clever!!x

  3. So cute! I like the idea of a magnum of wine at the beach : )


  4. LOL...I have Bonne Maman jam on my scones too! Well done Val! Seriously...scones, jam, wine, a beach and a good read? You've read my mind.

  5. So delightful - I need a plate of scones right about now, with my second coffee. You're so talented! xo


  6. That is adorable! Love how you segued into "Hey, I made scones," like "hey, its a squirrel ..."

    Moving is never fun - surprised you are even able to post!

  7. Oh Val. I looooooove this. The little American Bungalow mag is so perfect. Scones and wine at the beach. I love your little world.

  8. How cute is this?!!! It's all so realistic - I wish I could shrink to fit this perfect world x

  9. I remember seeing the real versions of that beach hut on my first trip to England and I thought it was such a wonderful idea. The names people put on them and the colours just fascinated me. Your tiny version is just perfect!

  10. This little beach hut is the cutest! I hear you, we're selling our house in Germany, it's a very special house from Sweden and it's not typical to sell houses in Germany. But if you want to live a dream, you have to make decisions, don't you? I'm sure you will be fine too; I wish you all the best. Love, Kirsten xx

  11. This adorable hut must be where the fairies stay when they come to visit. And you made scones.

  12. The bunting banner is such a perfect touch. I love the way you stocked the beach hut. It looks wonderful! Maybe your next place won't have any barking dogs. I think everything starts to annoy you where you are so you move on to the next phase of your life. It pushes you into something better. May your house sell very quickly and that your move is a great experience!
    PS I made the photos bigger. Thanks for the great suggestion! :)

  13. this is one of the cutest beachhuts I've ever seen!, love those pretty summery details (Little blankets, and jam!)
    wish you stay calm and peaceful through the process!, it's a real challenge!


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