Tuesday, March 22, 2016

I take it back

Okay, about my last post, I guess sometimes there's a blurred line between a leap of faith and bravery. Or maybe between a leap of faith and crazy. Or maybe it's just a matter of "What the hell."

In that spirit, Mr. S and I set out on another sojourn to see if he has found X that marks the spot. I've written before about his obsession with this treasure hunt. Now that our time in the USA is getting short, he wanted to try once more, and he's sure - again, absolutely sure, like he was the last six times - that he knows where the treasure is.

So we loaded the car with shovels, chains, blankets and food and drove hundreds of miles.

Went up a remote road in the snow.

And got stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Well and truly stuck. The tires went in deeper and deeper while the car ended up resting on the middle hump. We spent three hours trying to get ourselves out - three hours that included adding chains to the snow socks that were already on the tires, even though the tires weren't touching the ground.

Three hours that included cutting chunks of wood to try to fill the gap and get any traction at all.

Three hours that included me lying on the ground, using a garden trowel to try dislodging the 18 inches of snow the car rested on.

Three hours that culminated in, "Hey, look, there's a cell signal up here!"

The short story is that we got hold of a towing company, we walked down to meet them, and they were able to get the car out the next day. How? you may ask, because I certainly did. They jacked the car up, then spun it on the jack to turn it around, then made their way back using ATVs to assist when the car got stuck again.

It was not inexpensive. 

So, we didn't find the treasure - again. But we were lucky to be helped out by some really nice guys, and our car is none the worse for wear. Just dirty.

Mr. S has posted about our adventure on this website here, if you want more detail. The comments are quite flattering to yours truly!



  1. noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, what a nightmare!!!! Well done for trying though! I reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally want you to find the treasure!

  2. Aha. You got "high centered." I grew up in Montana where that was a common occurrence. So glad you made it out. But no treasure yet. Boo Hoo.

  3. oh weh! blessing the mobile phone companies for providing connection out there!!
    it had could be dangerous....
    i want to thank you for your gorgeous comment on my yellow skirt post!

  4. Looks like a living nightmare! You are a brave and resourceful pair - glad you're OK! xox


  5. This cracks me up because this happened to me years ago up in Alaska out beneath the power lines in the snow. We were with our newborn daughter and ended up stuck for 6 hours at the bottom of a ravine. Fortunately we had a CB radio but it took quite a while for someone to contact a friend for us. He came running with chains over the hill just before sunset thank god! We slapped those chains on and the guys jumped up and down in the bed of the truck for traction eventually making our way up the hill. We had no water and only one diaper with us!
    Glad you two got out safe!

  6. That is really a bad situation. I'm so glad you made it out safely. Quite an adventure though!

  7. Oh my! That sounds frustrating and scary. Glad it all turned out fine.

    That's one to tell the Grand kids.


  8. One of those adventures that makes a great story afterwards but is as frustrating as hell when you're in the middle of it. Glad you made it out safely.

  9. Just did that in Jackson in January. Though I wasn't looking for "treasure"!
    : p. Probably the same tow company that got me out.Found you from Woodlucker.Good luck with the rest of your stay! Can't wait to get back there!

  10. What an adventure, Val! I can't believe all the snow, we are so deep into spring weather already.


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