Monday, February 1, 2016

S-S-S-Scavenger Hunt

The Scavenger Hunt this month is a little different. Our hostess and ringleader, Jill (Greenthumb) at Made With Love, is on hiatus for a few months. With advancefuturetiming technology, the link-up went ahead last month - basically, we showed up at her place and made our own drinks and snacks. She just asked us to clean up after ourselves, and then she gave us carte blanche to do what we wanted for January. I made up prompts for my photos. I wanted some kind of theme to tie them together, so they all start with the letter S.

First up, SEQUEL

I wasn't completely satisfied with my logo cover-up that I showed you in my last post, so I changed it. Here, I've used a scrap of rather lovely fabric and glued it down to the logo. Then I glued a plastic brooch (without the pin) on top of it. The brooch came from Citizen Rosebud's shop.

I like this better, but I still need to trim the edges or add something to finish them off.


I was given a lot of lotion at Christmas, and some lip balm. So I'm pretty soft right now.


Yikes! I've been sorting through lots of old clothes and shoes to see what I could jettison - I got $79 at a resale shop, which was way better than I expected! The rest went to the thrift store.


Trying to work out an idea I had for embellishing a blazer. It's all pinned - see below - but I just haven't started sewing yet.


This is my suggested placement of the lace pieces.


You may have guessed there's a sort of sewing theme going on here.


I seem to have several of these travel sewing kits with safety pins, thread, needles and buttons.


See! It's nearly invisible - and has been waiting for use since the '60s!


A "voodoo" doll I was given long ago. I use it as a pin cushion.

And, breaking away from the sewing theme -


At our local art museum - the head is sculpted out of Sotheby's catalogs!

Check out the other scavengers here. Happy scavenging!



  1. Damn, forgot about it again!!! S was a genius idea to theme your photos!!! I like the Sotherby upcycles and the cool, cool lace on blazer-beautiful. I saw an idea like that for adding lace elbow patches to a top but I'm yet to even buy the lace let alone sew!!!!x

  2. Great photos Val. That Sotheby's sculpture is fantastic and I like your collection of old sewing notions. That nylon thread is a real bugger to knot...have you noticed? Ace voodoo doll!

  3. Great set of photos, it seem harder been given free range, love your idea..
    Amanda xx

  4. Look at you getting all crafty in the midst of your packing and sorting.

  5. How very cool, every picture is amazing! I love the sculpture made from books - and I'm a fan of the lace on the blazer - it really elevates it.

  6. What fun! I love what you did with the lace - so Val! xo


  7. How you find time to be creative when getting ready to move is beyond me. Usually I'm a basket case.

    The lace on the blazer is brilliant and that sculpture is wonderful.


  8. You look like you have been very crafty and busy.:) The lace collar looks good on you.x

  9. That jacket is going to look awesome, the lace is really effective against the grey. Love the Sotheby's catalogue sculpture too - some people are so clever!

  10. Sew Savvy Scavenger Search! Sensational ~ Lace looks amazing on the blazer, and great that you were able to sort through your clothing and make some money too. Really enjoyed the theme and photos :)

  11. Love the S theme and seeing what you've been up to lately thanks to Greenthumb's Scavenger Hunt challenge. Good work and great you could resell clothes or send some to the thrift shop, do craft work. All the best as your life must be busy at the moment.

  12. Oh! I love the lace on the jacket like that! And that book sculpture is crazy awesome. I can't wait until I get super rich so I can have someone carve a bust of me out of books.

  13. The head! That is very cool!

    Eep...moving overseas must be sooooo hard. Will you pack things like threads and needles?

  14. Love the lace on the jacket!
    I'm having a huge wardrobe sort out too today, so you have spurred me on! X

  15. Sorry to be so late (I have been rather poorly of late) but I wanted to thank you for your birthday wishes x


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