Wednesday, January 20, 2016

I Hate Logos

Happy New Year! I haven't checked in here since before the jump (ha ha, using trendy online jargon - incorrectly), and I don't have a huge post or anything major to report. I've been busy sorting and purging and shredding (photographs of old boyfriends, incriminating tax returns, communications from the Mothership). But I also managed to do a little tiny bit of creative work - I customized a logo'ed handbag that I bought in October.

You got a glimpse of it here.

It's a lovely bag, rich dark-red leather, cross-body strap as well as a shorter strap, and just enough pockets and space to keep me organized and content. Except I hate logos.

I vowed to cover this glaring advertisement in some way, to personalize my purse and show Liz where she can shove her shiny vanity plaque. So I did this:

I took the flowers off a hat (seen here) that I had added them to. I rarely wore the hat, so it's now gone to St. Vincent de Paul's thrift shop, and the flowers are here, attached with embroidery thread and a tiny bit of glue.

 Of course, after finishing, another great option presented itself. My mother gave me this:

It was purchased on our family trip in 1964 (which I wrote about here). The badge would fit sideways over the logo, and I'm tempted to try it. The original adhesive might not hold, but I'm sure I could make it stick with some E-6000. Still haven't decided about this.

Anyway, I've been "doing" a little embroidery. The quotes mean that I'm mostly thinking about it and getting ideas. Now that I've said it publicly, I'd better follow through!



  1. I hate logos, too. That pesky Liz Claiborne. I bought a pair of sunglasses that I liked. They were kinda pricey but they had her name slapped on the side. I bought them anyway and it took me almost a weeks worth of working with fine sandpaper and clear nail polish to obliterate her name. I love what you've done with that purse. You can certainly start your own accessories line and I expect you to embroider your name right on the front.

  2. What a fabulous bag. I hate designer logos too and don't buy them (who am I kidding...I can't afford 'em) Oh, I do have a pair of leather Ugg boots but I bought them (tax free) not for the label but because they fit around my ample calves. Great job on the cover up.

  3. I love what you've done here. I agree...that logo looked all kinds of tacky.

    I don't envy your endless packing and purging. I know though once you get overseas you'll truly feel lightened and refreshed.


  4. haha...I'm right there with ya! Thinking is now officially a form of 'doing'. Done!

    Clever way to personal your bag while hiding the logo. I don't mind logos if they aren't so dominant, which of course they usually are. The London badge is killer. I'd love to see you use it in a way that showcases it rightside up.

  5. Great idea Val! I'm constantly bypassing puses because of that blingy branding.
    Thanks for the idea. I love your bag.

  6. Also with with you on this!!! I don't like logos! This is a great, great idea!!!x

  7. Well done! Now It's a Val bag not Liz-whatsername. xo


  8. I love this idea! I have passed up many good buys because I refuse to wear logos. This has given me new life.

  9. I'm not a fan of logos either, especially the big-ass ones like this that seem to be on every bag. Kudos to you for a creative cover-up!

  10. Great logo coverup, Val! That logo sucked. Right in the frickin' middle of the bag. Doh. Isn't it enough that we buy the bag and now they want us to be their unpaid billboards? Pfft. I don't think so. Your flowers are waaay better. Now you've done such a great job, you can keep the badge for another great upcycle. But it's a great badge.
    I missed your overseas story the first time around. I loove that! Great photos. How exciting.

    1. I wanted to comment again so I can write great a few more times. Isn't that great?


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