Saturday, December 19, 2015

So much water the earth must be tipping

Have you heard about the wet and wild weather on the Oregon coast - incessant rain, flooding, wind, high surf?  Perfect time for a beach retreat, don't you think?

I went to Newport, which sits right at the corner of Pacific Ocean and Yaquina Bay.

Surprisingly, it was sunny with blue sky on the day I arrived, probably the last blue sky until July.

I stayed at The Whaler Motel, which was lovely - immaculate, fantastic view from every room, large swimming pool and spa, plus small gym. The staff were very nice, and there was an off-season discount - thank you, Santa!

It was an easy walk to Nye Beach, with its quaint shops.

There's something about seaside towns - all the maritime kitsch and clapboards, the never-ending struggle against the elements.

The green building is the Sylvia Beach Hotel, which is known for its author-themed rooms, comfy library, communal meals and a ban on phones and wifi. I thought about staying there, but I wanted solitude, and yes, I wanted wifi.

 Here it is from the beach, at dusk.

And here's my motel from the beach. 

This is so misleading. It does not sit alone on an isolated bluff - there are other motels just out of sight, but nothing gets in the way of the beach.

The blue sky didn't last, and most of the time I was out it was windy and wet. My waterproof jacket drained straight onto my jeans, which then soaked down into my rubber boots. It was bloody cold!

But when I was watching the incoming tide thunder against the craggy rocks at Depoe Bay and Boiler Bay, I could have stayed forever - it was exhilarating!



  1. Stunning photos Val, it certainly looks bracing!
    Happy Xmas. x

  2. It's so quaint! I love the photos and that sea looks majestically terrifying!x

  3. Oh Val...these photos are making me pine for the Oregon coast! Alisa mentioned the high tides and flooding on her blog...some wild stormy weather in your majestic state this season!

    Happy you got away to soak (in more ways than one) it all up!

  4. I think it was the perfect time for a beach getaway - I prefer going to the beach in the fall or winter, when it's deserted and you don't have to deal with all the "Beach People". There's something about it that is nature at it's most primitive - wind, sand, water. The Sylvia Beach Hotel looks very cool but I'm not crazy about eating meals with strangers.

  5. That makes me want to walk down to the water and revel in the waves! Lovely pics, Val!

  6. There's nothing like a winter storm at the beach to engage all of the senses. I lived in a touristy seaside town way back when, and some things never change. :-)

  7. Honestly I much prefer the beach in winter. These photos are so beautiful. I had to revive myself with a hot cuppa tea just from looking at them. The Sylvia Beach Hotel. I MUST stay there.

  8. Beautiful, Val! I used to live in Mass. and the winter beaches were the best. A place to think and write and unwind for sure. xox



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