Sunday, November 29, 2015

Jim Morrison's Grave and Scavenger Hunt

I was walking around in town when a car drove by and the driver yelled out the window - at no one in particular - "Don't let them desecrate Jim Morrison's grave!!!" I looked around to see what prompted this outburst, but he just looked at me and laughed crazily as he drove away.

If only I'd had my camera ready, because one of the prompts for the Scavenger Hunt this month is A Stranger. And that guy was strange.

But that's okay - half a block later I saw this guy.

A stranger to me, but obviously happy to make friends with anyone willing to drop some cash in his case.

Without a smartphone, I've learned to always have my camera with me when I'm Out and About - another one of our prompts this month.

Some of these prompts were literally right in front of my eyes when I was walking around, like Hole.

And One.

There were so many Signs to choose from.

And some of the signs fulfill other prompts, like Pop Culture,

and Bottle.


I went into a bookstore that was really Big.

From one of the windows I was Looking Down to the street where the stranger was singing.

The weather was fine on that day, but another day the rain was coming in horizontally against the window screens.

With the colder weather, I've been wearing hats when I go out. This plain, white fisherman's hat is handy, but it was so boring I decided to cover it with fabric from a pretty shirt I outgrew (ahem).

I'll post the result in a day or two so I can link up with Hat Attack at the Style Crone.

And finally, Whatever you want - my most recent picture, taken at a local winery, getting me in the mood for Christmas.

Thanks to Greenthumb for hosting the Scavenger Hunt - it's always fun to try to think outside the box. December's words are already posted!



  1. I loved this post and your humour came through. All the words are very well illustrated by your photos. Loved all the signs and how they fitted into other word prompts. The 'hole' was a cool find. Lie you, I do not have a smart phone so carry my camera. I like the abstract 'weather' shot and the lovely autumn colouring of the leaves. Hope you will pop in to see my selection and story! Have a great CHRISTMAS, see you next month

  2. A very strange stranger indeed! But you got some great pics , love the balloon grafitti and the colourful leaves.x

  3. Ha! Sounds like you're living in The Twilight Zone out there.

    You did so well with your prompts.

    The Christmas tree with the wine kegs is lovely.


  4. This scavenger hunt sounds like fun. I might incorporate it with my Countdown to Christmas that begins 12/1.

    Hey, how are your sales on Etsy? I just had my first sale. I was so excited. It was easy peasy to print out the shipping label from home and the packing slip looks very professional.

  5. Isn't it fun the way photos sometimes seem to pop up during the month? Yep, you found a strange stranger! And I love the HOLE cover. Funny you found that when you were looking for a hole. ;) And I LOVE the photo of the rain on the screen.

  6. Great photos Val...I have failed to take one this month! Wow that bookshop is humongous, love your weather shot too. I'll look forward to seeing the titfer makeover.

  7. Terrific selection, Val! Very convenient to have Hole and #1 written there for you when you were out and about :) That book store is indeed humongous, and I can't imagine the job of trying to shelve all those books. What an amazing place to wander through. I guess the guy calling out could be referred to as a 'Drive By Shouting'...bad play on words, I know. Also loved the neon sign. All the best for Christmas!

  8. I loved the story telling with each photo, particularly your stranger! The balloon graffiti was great and I loved the shot of the window with the books and the autumn leaves. Best of all though.. the winery, yes please! x

  9. These Scavenger Hunt photos are terrific. You live in the most wonderful place. However, I am now very concerned about Jim Morrison's grave. My son visited Paris this summer so of course I sent him to the Pere Lachaise Cemetery to see Jim Morrison's grave and he said that even though he followed all the arrows he simply could not find it. What is going on? I'll bet Jim is pretty pissed off.

  10. Thanks for joining in on this months scavenger hunt, sorry I haven't been around but I have not been well lately. What a great group of photos, I really like stranger, one, out and about, well they are great. Greenthumb

  11. Oh my I think your photos this month are superb. You really are artistic; I see why you always have your camera with you. I so enjoyed reading this post. Pat xxp

  12. A super collection and I like how you write up your hunt too, as a bit of a story!

  13. How often do you stumble across "Hole" in fluorescent orange? Or "#1"? Excellent hunting there, Val. Spy school paid off. I love all your responses to the prompts. My favourite photo is the Christmas tree at the winery. I've heard that classical music makes plants grow better, but I suppose being bathed in the beauty of a Christmas tree makes wine age better as well. Why not?

  14. The old busker looks like he's really enjoying himself. The colours of the leaves on the tree outside the Looking Down window are absolutely beautiful. You Hunted well

  15. Great finds and photos, have enjoyed all of them. The busker looks as if he is having a good day. I love the way that 'hole' 'one' and 'bottle' were there waiting for you to snap them. I love the large bookshop, looks like you could spend a whole day in there:)

  16. Wow, you hit the jackpot, Val, when you found all those signs! You hunted down a great collection of photos! I wanted to walk right into that bookstore and spend the day browsing through books. I think the photo of that rain-washed screen is striking! Happy holidays!


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