Saturday, October 31, 2015

What I Should Have Done

I'm typing this and thinking, wouldn't it have been clever if I had used a Halloween theme for this month's Scavenger Hunt (hosted by Greenthumb at Made With Love)?

I do like having a little bit of cohesion in my otherwise random collection of photos. Well, at least I have that - I got most of my photos during the workday when I go out for walks. As you can see, once I get away from the boring, beige office I'm in a beautiful location, near the university and the river, and there are lots of walking paths.

Ready for the tour? Here we go!


Cream and Ring

I really couldn't think of anything else for cream, so here's my creamy opal birthstone ring that I make a point to wear in October.


Phone number? Code? Winning lottery numbers? Number of days before the end of the world?


Lush and wet in my backyard, which ties in with the next one -


We're finally getting rain after a long, dry summer. I've always lived in rainy places, so this is very familiar.


Actually a couple of weeks ago, but when I took it, it was today.


Looking down from a pedestrian bridge, downstream, at the cairns or inuksuks in the river.


Writing and wow! This is by the art buildings at the university.


And many more outside the shot.


Whatever you want

"Is your refrigerator running?"

Finally, I hit the Halloween theme, and also tied it in with my workday! The group I work with decided we'd dress up for a Pajama Party for Halloween, and here we are. (Like I did last time, I'm disguising everyone else since I didn't ask if I could blog them. This time I disguised them as ghosts - you know, for Halloween.) Friday was a day of popcorn and way too much candy, Barbies and teddy bears, giddy excitement, silly games and extreme tiredness at the end - just like a real slumber party!



  1. What a fun time you all must have had at your pyjama party, a greatfun shot. Love the wonderful autumn colours of the leaves adn the great owntream shot. The single leave with raindrops on it was simply lovely andI do like your ring and all the geese. I hope you have a lovely month ahead

  2. A great set of photos Val. I especially like the first and the last and I love your ring. I hope you have a good November.

  3. Ha ha. Refrigerator running. These photos are so beautiful. However did those rocks get stacked. Poltergeists??

  4. Great collection! Good find for writing and the last one is fun!

  5. Ha! love that last photo! Looks like you guys had some fun. I used to prank call people and ask them about their refrigerator.

    I also loved that photo of the mural with the pumpkin. Glorious colours.


  6. Lovely interpretations. Question and number were intriguing and the mural is amazing! x

  7. Truth or dare, I know who you are I saw what you did on the phone (so naughty, Val!), fingernail polish, and my favourite - chopping off Barbie's hair. Jammies and popcorn. Bwahahaha! Well, at least this sort of foolery takes some of the beige out of the office. What a great group of slackers. Are you hiring?

    The numbers code I think is two birthdates, 1965 and 1957, jeez Valastasia, basic spy school 101.

    You have great responses to these prompts! The big leafy trees, I love the sound of the leaves rustling up there, getting ready for the big jump. And your opal ring is beautiful. Happy time-change day and hurrah for that extra hour!

  8. Awesome pictures! I love that graffiti question.

  9. Your ring is gorgeous!!! I do love opals-they are so pretty!!! It is that rainbow hue!!! The graffiti is very poignant and that's a great angle! The broken glass shot is really bright and striking too! I still haven't finished taking my photos!!!!

  10. I enjoyed all of your October photos. The art wall is stunning! Lovely photo of the boo-tiful children and yourself finishing off the month :)

  11. Great photos and interpretations of October's words. You have found some interesting things to take photos of and your pyjama party looks like great fun:)

  12. You guys have serious Autumn going on over there. It's all mushy and warm here the trees don't know what to do!

  13. Love the graffiti for writing and look at all the Canada geese! x

  14. Ha! I love the idea that you and your co-workers dressed for a pyjama party! And the leaves are gorgeous under the tree.

  15. Hi Val! I really enjoy seeing the results of your visual scavenger hunt posts. Love the "Respect Art".

  16. Great interpretations Val. The vibrancy of colours in the street art must be a real tonic for all who see it.
    I'm another one who's late!

  17. Nicely done, Val! The leaf on the wet pavement was striking! I certainly would like to know the story behind your photo for question. It makes you wonder, doesn't it? The photo for "writing" is also compelling. Happy hunting next month!


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