Sunday, October 18, 2015

Red and Pink and Orange

My favorite colors on the color wheel are the reds. They sing to me in a way that blue and yellow never do. I always pick the red playing piece when I play a board game, and my favorite flavors come in red, too - cherry, strawberry, merlot.

I bought a new, red handbag, which I'll show you properly one day. Here I am carrying it and surrounded by red before going out to dinner for my birthday.

Guess how old I am - it's scary! Or maybe I got the math wrong.

Laughing away the years!

I've always loved pink and orange, too - red's kissing cousins. Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and I just had my mammo-cram the other day, I got some small pink gifts at the imaging clinic. Whheeeeee! Who doesn't want a pink plastic coin purse and a pink whistle and a pink emery board?

Now that summer's over, my bowling ball - the Pinkster - is seeing some action.

My scores are looking pretty good, too. And my favorite snack at the bowling alley is Cheetos, which brings me to orange.

October IS orange, don't you think? The leaves, the pumpkins, the O at the beginning of both words. Look at your calendar - I bet they used orange for October.

I created a Halloween brooch that has orange in it, along with black and purple. The sticky-out beads remind me of spider legs, and the twisted wires are like cobwebs - although the description I used on Etsy was a little more gruesome.

No matter the month or the color, Visible Monday is on every week, so I'll be heading over to link the pink, and the red, and the orange.



  1. Your brooch is really cool! You are very clever! I am also LOVING swirling Val surrounded by red, going out for your birthday! So when are you coming to England!? When can we meet!?!?x

  2. I'm a big fan of red too, it's such a warm cosy colour.
    Freebies with a mammogram? I just got squashed tits at mine, musn't grumble tho!
    Loving the orange and ambers in your lovely halloween brooch.

  3. You are having fun with your brooches! I hope they are selling for you. I can't move a damn thing on my Etsy other than t-shirts and pug cards.

    I can tell you like red by your red couches : )

    I like your red and black outfit for your birthday. Hmmm...a milestone birthday...must be the big three oh?

    Hope you went out and partied like it's 1999.


  4. As much as blue is my favourite colour, it was the red crayons in the box that got stubby the fastest.

    You look pretty fabulous birthday girl...the dress, the sweater, the boots! Happy Birthday to You!!!

    So when are you going to England? Is the date set?

  5. Happy birthday to you, Ms. Red! Looks like a fun and feisty celebration. xox


  6. You look fabulous in red! And Happy Birthday!

  7. I love your photos - especially your LAUGHING pose. Bwahaha! Were there sound effects involved? Happy Birthday!! I hope you celebrate with a hole in one. Wait, that's golf. A flush? A knock-out? You know what I mean. But you are a knock-out in red. I love the dangly brooch!

  8. Let's go bowling! I'll let you win!! (er, I suck at bowling)

  9. Happy Birthday, hope you had a great day. There is always something about red that makes me feel happy, you too , it makes you laugh. Love your brooch, clever you.

  10. Happy Belated Birthday Val! I'm a big fan of red, and deep orange and fuschia - all the variations. I like bowling but I'm a crappy player. Perhaps I would play better with a pink bowling ball?


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