Thursday, October 1, 2015

I'm on the hunt

It's October, a beautiful month of long evenings, colorful leaves, and my birthday. It feels like time to start something new, or return to something old. I haven't taken part in the Scavenger Hunt at Made with Love for quite awhile. But since I went on a Treasure Hunt in September I was already on the hunt, so this ties in perfectly. Here's what I got.

Off to a boring start. The best I came up with was a woven seat on a restaurant chair in Dubois, Wyoming.

Repeating and Day
This is a building at the University of Oregon, I think for sports or something. Repeating lines, reflecting the daytime sky, and repeated in the pool around the base.

In a shop in Cooke City, Montana.

Hollyhocks in the brisk, bright morning in Dubois, Wyoming.

A petroglyph with curly bits near Torrey Lake in Wyoming.

The whole trip to Wyoming was an adventure, but maybe this picture sums it up.

That hill was much steeper than it looks, and the road only got worse from here!
A fence line in Sunlight Basin, Wyoming.

edited on Oct. 2 - I'm linking this one up with the TAG Gallery Blog for Wild Blue Yonder. So many wild blue choices in this post!  
The grass and the cottonwood trees were rustling in the wind, and I was truly mesmerized as I stood there in the peace and calm.

This is back home, hanging from a tree near where I'm working.

Dreamy and Whatever you want
Beautiful roses of every color, taken about a month ago at the local rose garden.

That's enough hunting for now, although I can't wait to see what's on the list for October.


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  1. You got some wonderful photos here. I especially like the one of the building with the refections.


  2. Such great photos you shared. I especially liked the Wyoming pictures. I miss the scenery from my part of the US. It's all palm trees down here in southern California. The roses are lovely. Wishing you a great day :)

  3. The grass and cottonwood trees, that photo just sucks me right in!
    Cool collection!, Val.

  4. Wonderful captures, and it's so good to see you back Val! Repeating is absolutely stunning! It is breathtaking! I'm traveling, and your beautiful cottonwood shot makes me long for Colorado and home, but your lovely roses remind me of how much I'm enjoying Victoria, British Columbia. I hope you join us again in October ~ Happy October birthday!!!

  5. These really are beautiful Val- the line is SO effective, I too am mesmerized by that view of the cotton grass and the adventure is WOW- adventurous!!! The woven chair is super too!x

  6. Wow - love the interpretations - especially the hollyhocks by the log cabin - and the building with reflections - amazing.

  7. Loved your selction of photographs to illustrae the prompt words. Now I have to say, the Roses are gorgeous. I can see why you found the grass and the cottonwood trees rustling in the wind,mesmerising. Love the Hollyhocks and the great refelctions on the building in the 2nd shot. I hope you have a wonderful month ahead.

  8. Hi Val! I've come over here to your blog a few times and then got lost heading over to your Etsy shop. It's all your fault! Everything looks great!

  9. Such beautiful photos Val. I love looking at pictures of my old stompin' ground.

  10. Curly made me smile. ;) And that antique cash register is amazing!

  11. I love the colourful hollyhocks and the roses. Looked like you had a great adventure in Wyoming.

  12. Love the reflections in Repeating and Day and the late sun showcasing the Hollyhocks to perfection.

  13. I really enjoy seeing your "scavenger hunt" photos - there are some really lovely ones in this post. I am a fall baby too (November) - have a wonderful birthday.

  14. A brilliant collection of photos! And happy birthday in advance too!

  15. Welcome back and thanks for taking part in this months scavenger hunt. I really like your photos of line, dreamy, whatever you want triangle. Greenthumb

  16. Fabulous Scavenger Hunt the roses....very pretty. x

  17. Thanks for linking this up with the TAG blog, my friend!
    OK, the lone car on the dodgy "road" -- been there, done things like that.
    The WY landscapes are gorgeous and make me want to get in the car and, you know.
    And the reflections building? I'd be snapping pix of that all the time. So cool.


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