Sunday, October 4, 2015

I like big buttons and I cannot lie

It seems like I keep making references back to previous posts. It's a sneaky way to get more clicks, for whatever it's worth. Anyway, remember a couple posts ago I mentioned I was making buttons for this purple velvet jacket?

I did it! Buttons completed and sewn on!

Ta da!

I won't say they were altogether successful, and I'll show you why. If you're not into Mod Podge or resin or shanks, you're excused - go on to the next blog or watch Dr. Who or have a cup of tea or something.

Back to the buttons - I decided to use cutouts from pictures in an old Sotheby's catalog that I got at the thrift store, and cover them in resin. So first I had to seal them with Mod Podge.

Then I glued some bits of chain around the edge to help hold in the resin when I poured it. It worked on most of them.

To pour resin on the backs, I wrapped masking tape around them after the first pour had set (a little more than 24 hours). The tape also only worked moderately well at holding the resin in, but I just trimmed off the  excess.

While the resin on the back was still sticky I added shanks from self-cover buttons, which set in the resin.

I did a second pour on the top, which made them rather thick. Maybe too thick, and also blunt on the edges, so they don't slide in and out of the buttonholes easily. That's why this is called an e-x-p-e-r-i-m-e-n-t.

The other thing is that shank buttons tend to droop a lot when they're big and heavy. Lesson two - large buttons should have holes through the middle, and maybe even four holes, so they won't droop under their own weight.

So, not completely successful, and neither were the photos! It was impossible not to get reflections. But these buttons will do until I get around to experimenting with polymer clay instead.

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  1. Oh my god Becky. Look at her Buttons! They're so Big! I like Big Buttons, too. These are masterful. I think you may have a new item for your shop. Seriously. They're beautiful. And you look like the most adorable Little Lord Fauntleroy. I loved your comment at Melanie's about Turtle Wax. So funny. I need some of that, too. Whatever it takes!

  2. Fabulous buttons! I love the purple velvet too...purrrr...

  3. Your Prince jacket with humongous buttons - I love it, Val! And with gold chain to make it even more authentic. I agree, who doesn't want stonkin' big buttons. It's impossible to find anything as cool as these. I look forward to your clay ones too. And there's also a product called ShrinkyDinks I've just found out about, shrinking plastic. That might be fun.
    Like Connie, I loved your Turtle Wax comment. Bwahahaha!!

  4. Oh very cool Val! I've been eyeing up the plain wooden buttons at my local fabric store....dreaming about painting them with polka dots. Your experiment here is also getting me thinkin'. When Suzanne posted about polymer clay, I was thinking of playing with that next! And now you too!

  5. They are very cool! Even if not perfect, they are hugely interesting and fun, a talking point!x

  6. I am impressed Val , even if in your eyes they are not perfect , they look pretty good to me. You are very regal in your velvet.

  7. What cool buttons! They look amazing on the purple velvet. I'm tempted to get some resin and start experimenting myself!

  8. Brilliant buttons, Val - you have so many cool ideas, you do. Thanks for sharing, - patti

  9. ooo, I luv big buttons too, the bigger the better. What more could purple velvet want, I say?!

  10. I love ginormous buttons too! This is such a cool idea for self-made buttons - I wish I experimented with crafty stuff like this more often.

  11. Fun! It's always a learning experience when you try something new.

    I've wanted to try resin for a while now but am just too scared of it.


  12. I love big buttons too, and purple velvet jackets! Swoon!

  13. Val, this is a lovely velvet jacket. The buttons seemed to work out fine - well done. I love different buttons, but always buy mine. Have changed a few sets of buttons on cardi's and more recently a coat on my blog. Where are you moving to in the UK?
    Anna's Island Style


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