Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Garage Sale

I started writing this post in various ways because I didn't know if I could make a garage sale sound interesting. So I decided if I told you a big secret - and the reason for the garage sale - it might keep your interest for a little while. Here it is:

Next spring Mr. S and I will move back to Britain. Yup, that's right. The Queen needs us.

I lived there for ten years, and now my British husband has lived in the US for almost ten years - we're so balanced! This time it'll be for the duration. We'd been planning to go back at retirement because of my stepkids and three beautiful granddaughters. Since I no longer have a permanent job here with benefits, there's another reason to go - free healthcare not dependent on having an employer. I can work freelance!

I sense the Canadians and Aussies and Europeans reading this are tut-tutting at our primitive system in the States. There have been positive changes in the last few years, but healthcare will probably never be free here in the "land of the free."

So we're going to bugger off back to Blighty, watch the kids grow up, visit stately homes, read the Telegraph and brush our teeth with tea. A major change like that is pretty, well, major, so there's a lot to do and a lot of crap to jettison.

That's why we had a garage sale last weekend.

the night before

It was actually a lot of fun, and hard work. We talked to so many nice people, many who live nearby. The first day I think we sold about 50% of what we had. The second day was not as successful - and the people were odder - but I did sell a necklace I made, and I sold Cafe Tout Petit.

gratuitous photo of altered tin

I sold these three dessert plates and the matching coffee pot, which I bought at an antique store ages ago. These will be used at two separate weddings!

Although I also had these out, I didn't sell these beautiful plates that I bought even more ages ago at a thrift shop. I just love the big tulip with the cabbage roses, and the little gilded mock handles on the side. Swoon. Maybe I'll keep them.

And nobody wanted this little jug - it's the bees knees!

I'll keep you posted on our progress. Hang on for a wild ride!



  1. Wow, Val, that's so exciting! I've never been that adventurous with where I live, but I love it when other people are, so that I can live vicariously through them. Looking forward to seeing and hearing about all your preparations. I adore garage sales!

  2. I'm first to know! Do I win a prize? Oooh ooh! Get me one of those tall fuzzy hats the Queen's guards wear!

  3. Holy cow!!! You ARE a secret agent; I'm glad you are able to step in and give the Queen a hand. This can only mean one thing - I have to visit you in the US before you go, and I'll have to visit you in the UK after you get there. Okay, that's two things. I'm very, very excited for you and Mr. S. You may have to fly back to accept your Academy Awards though.

  4. Yay. You're back blogging. Wahhhh. You're leaving. Just like Melanie I'll have to visit you in both places. And I'm not kidding! So watch out.

  5. You have a lot of stuff to sell! Me too...I'm doing a car boot sale at the weekend, weather permitting. That's one of the drawbacks about living here of course. I wonder if you will see a difference from last time you lived here? Exciting times.

  6. Wow! Big and exciting developments at Chez Val. I am excited for you and wish you all the best adventures. And you are going to tell us your new addy, right??? So we can pop by for a cuppa (look how I talk England). Happy for you! xox

  7. Wow! That is BIG news!

    I'm glad your garage sale went well. You must be excited.

    So...shall the next meet-up be in England then? {wink}

    Wishing you a smooth transition.


  8. Anyone up for a Portland meetup????? Wheeeeeee.
    I still can't get over how cheap that sushi was.
    50% sales is darn good!

  9. Whoa, Val, that is very exciting! Like Sheila, I've never been very adventurous in terms of where I live (I'm still in the same city where I moved to attend university) but I have great admiration for people who pick up and move to another country. Of course, you have lived there, so it's not "new" so to speak.

    Yes, the next meetup should be in England and then we can meet up with Vix and Curtise too!

  10. Val, how exciting! I would love to be moving to England, or Spain, or Tucson! haha
    I'll be along for the ride, I'm sure it will be interesting!

  11. OMG I would have bought that bee jug right off.

    we're trying to cobble together a yard sale before the end of the summer, too. Though not for something as amazing as moving to the UK. Color me jealous.

  12. Yay!!! You look English anyway so it really was your destiny to come back! Hurrah!!! Where shall you live?x

  13. ....I'm a little sad, but also hugely excited for you Val! I'm catching up on blog posts only now, and I was pretty much set about commenting how we would get together in LA. But. You'll be there. then. I'm going to do my best to get down to Oregon before you leave on that jet plane!

    PS I would have gone for the bee jug too, LOL!

  14. Moving to England? I'm happy for you, and I even envy you a bit. :) I love living here very much, but I would not turn off an opportunity to live in Europe, especially England. Great news!


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